Wednesday, 21 August 2019

"...they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR DOORMATS!"

South Essex Homes has been removing the items from homes at a block of flats in Shannon Close, Leigh.
One resident said he refused to let the association workers remove his plant table and doormat out of protest.
David Carr said: “What the association is doing is absurd and so unjust.
“I am prepared to be arrested and even go to prison to stop them from taking my doormat and plant table.
“I have lived here 38 years and so many people compliment me on my plant table and how it makes the landing area so nice and homely.
“I feel this is unwarranted harassment of people who are trying to keep their homes nice.”
So there! Health and safety be damned!
The 75-year-old added: “Of course I do not want our flats to be dangerous in any way but this is just over the top. “When the South Essex Homes worker came to take my items I told them I would be prepared to stop them and they knew I meant it.”
I bet they were terrified!
A spokesman for South Essex Homes said: “We understand this may appear stern, however the safety of residents is always paramount.”
Hmmm, sure, I'm convinced.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they should have concentrated on the needles, the graffiti, those little metal ampoules, the piss in the stairwells, the KFC boxes and oily papers, the abandoned cars ...

Sobers said...

To be fair, the authorities are damned if they do and damned if they don't in situations like this. If they clear obstructions to communal areas that could well be a fatal hindrance to people getting out in the event of a crisis, or hinder the emergency services, they risk the reaction they've got. If they do nothing and let old dears have pot plants, hat stands, tables covered in tat, god knows what in the areas outside (note outside) their homes then if a fire breaks out and someone dies because they fell over an umbrella stand and were overcome by smoke, then the very same people complaining now would be screaming blue murder and demanding 'compensation'. If it were my block of flats I'd be doing what the council are, because the alternative if a disaster happens would be far worse.

Of course if the householder in question were prepared to indemnify the council for all losses arising from his possessions being in the access way, then they might be prepared to allow it. But I doubt he'd want (or be able) to pay for such an insurance policy. The offer might shut him up though.

Doonhamer said...

You just can't trust those doormats. Stare at them for more than a second and they are at your throat, scraping away to your carotid.
And as for those four legged tables with triffids......
I trust that the interfering jobsworths were fully kitted out with steel toe-cap boots, protective goggles and NBC suit. And full rappelling kit. Those stairs can be treacherous. And antiseptic wipes just in case someone using the lift did not wash their hands after pissing. In the lift.

Flaxen Saxon said...

I had a hat stand bite my bum off once. I've walked with a limp ever since. And I do believe that doormats carry rabies or scrofula; can't remember which.

Stonyground said...

I tend to agree with Sobers on this one. I do tend to lean against unreasonably strict interpretation of rules but in rented accommodation there has to be some and one against sticking your stuff in the shared spaces makes sense.

JuliaM said...

"The offer might shut him up though."

I think the chances of that are...minimal!

" rented accommodation there has to be some and one against sticking your stuff in the shared spaces makes sense."