Friday, 2 August 2019

They Lie. It's Just What They Do.

Priory School in Lewes forced all pupils to wear trousers in 2017 after “concerns” were raised over the length of skirts and to cater to their transgender pupils.
The decision bans all female pupils from wearing skirts. At the time, the school said that only new students would be required to wear the new uniform.
And you believed them?
But it has now announced that all students, not just newcomers, will be required to wear the “gender neutral” uniform.
And parents aren't happy. This is extra expense they haven't budgeted for.
Parents of year 11 pupils are frustrated that they will have to pay out for the new uniform. It is expected to cost about £90 and pupils will wear it for 150 school days.
So there's a bit of a revolt happening. Maybe too little, too late, now, however.
An online petition to “stop Priory school from forcing everyone to wear trousers” has been signed by 132 people.
A legal letter, which has been sent to the school, is threatening to take the decision to Judicial Review.
Shouldn't you have done that from the start?
The Argus contacted the school for comment on the last day of term but the school did not reply.
Heh. All too demob happy, I suspect.


Anonymous said...

It's not gender neutral, it's male.

MTF transgender children surely want to wear skirts!

Bucko said...

I can understand an issue with skirt length. Round here you can often actually see their arses, but to lump it in with transgender PC bullcrap, means they deserve a good kicking for it

Anonymous said...

Why can't these creations in a place of education, use their common sense? Allow those who have less than a year at school to choose whether to wear skirts or trousers. After all, they are at the age where they will be expected to make decisions. A 'one size fits all' plan rarely works well, though the staff could show their support for this edict by all of them banned from skirts or dresses and made to wear trousers. No? Thought not.

Anonymous said...

Cretins, not Creations. Bloody auto correct.

JuliaM said...

"MTF transgender children surely want to wear skirts!"

Maybe the parents should use them as a stalking horse..?

"Round here you can often actually see their arses..."

And risk getting put on the sex offenders register for noticing!

"...use their common sense?"

What is this 'common sense' of which you speak? It's clearly not common at all!