Tuesday, 20 August 2019

When Did He Find The Time For Coppering?

Ruston pays child support for three children from his failed marriage and also provides for a child he has fathered with a new partner as well as her four children, Mr Doble added.
Which is his excuse for failing an integrity test. And, as the judge pointed out:
"The circumstances of this case are an undercover police officer gave you lost property and he did so to test your integrity. And they don't do it randomly."


Anonymous said...

Nothing unusual about this particular Plod other than being FINALLY caught and convicted, for stealing cash that was 'found' and properly handed in.

Isn't it customary for contemporary Plod to view lost cash and valuables as perks, or keep either in their own safes until they get around to completing the associated paperwork at some future date, WC Jaded?

Sobers said...

They're really recruiting the best aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely unbelievable! You mean to say a policeman was a thief? Blimey, you'll be telling me next that one makes up evidence, and so is a liar? What then? A traffic offender? A murderer? An adulterer (as if anyone cares a flying feck)? A paedophile?

And there was me thinking that all of them were descended from angels ...

Anonymous said...

Isn't it customary for contemporary dickheads to gloat over every single report of Police failings, whether criminal or procedural, yet say nothing about Police officers murdered, stabbed, run-over, or assaulted while doing their jobs?
Having tunnel vision usually means seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel that the stupid Anon above lives in must run in a complete circle.

Anonymous said...

There's more to this than meets the eye. If sting operations are routine tests of honesty, then surely the word gets round, and the target would be doubly stupid to be stung - presumably a sting preys on people's foibles, so money would appeal to someone with 'expenses'.

If it's not routine, then someone must have had suspicions about this guy in order to do the sting. SO what else has he been up to?

Besides, when was the last time you found £200 in cash? And handed it in? Didn't you know it was routinely considered coppers' perks?

I'm interested in what happens to Robbin' Ruston's pension. We all know that Police pensions are gold-plated. Does he get his at 55?

And there's the matter of the two rather extensive families. I'll bet they are on Bennies while he's inside. So we have to pay for this crook's spawn. Bollox to that.

There was a policeman from Ongar
Who pocketed two hundred in Wonga
But the cash was a sting
Who’d believe such a thing?
Now he’s a copper no longer

MTG said...

Those plod who were recruited straight from approved schools - the ones boasting a history of criminal convictions, are usually better prepared in avoiding detection when stealing our money or abusing their own position in sexual misconduct and/or engaging in cowardly violence against handcuffed or otherwise vulnetable 'suspects'.

Has anyone a supportive word for plod...other than our uniformed residents?

MTG said...


Anonymous said...

Melvin if you are accusing me of stealing from my employers then have the guts to say it. I've never stolen anything and if I had I would fully expect to be prosecuted and sacked. I will not defend this idiot and he got what he deserved.
This would not have been a random sting, usually a fellow police officer would have alerted a supervisor who would have got the ball rolling.
As for his pension-he would either get all his contributions back in a lump sum without interest or it would be frozen until he's 55 and he would get a part-pension then.He's paid into it regardless of his crime and he should get it, otherwise he's being punished twice.

MTG said...

'Melvin if you are accusing me of stealing from my employers....'

It is fairly clear that my remarks were specifically directed at those recruited into police service straight from approved school...and if you are confessing to have distinguished your own entry in such fashion, it is really of no interest to me if your earliest convictions were for theft, arson or other criminality, Jaded.

If you still remain uncertain as to the precise meaning of my sentence, please shut up.

Anonymous said...

The first poster on here was you Melvin, that's what I was replying to.

MTG said...


Your modus operandi is contrived through ignorance and perpetual fear. I would be deeply ashamed to share your pusillanimity and in any event, I have nothing to conceal from the likes of you or your false, spiteful and foul invective. Cogitesne?

Unlike cowardly police, I do what needs to be done and refuse to hide my identity.

Anonymous said...

Sorry MTG, I nodded off. You were saying something?

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am happy that the majority of police are what they should be, which is honest, upstanding, citizens who do their best to keep the rest of us and our possessions safe from violence, damage and destruction. Great. But a worrying percentage are crooks themselves, and it is those that get the sarcasm and disparagement. It seems that neither the example of the finer members of the force nor the controls as sufficient to sweep the force clean of wrongdoers.

In this case, the plod involved was either known for his behaviour or was the target of a baited hook that caused him to stray from formerly moral ways. I think we are entitled to know which it was - I suspect the former, which means that there are a whole raft of misdemeanours that have been covered up. If the latter, then there's an evil bastard seducing great coppers into bad ways.

My money, however, is on the former.

MTG said...

One of your better responses, Jaded.

I am inclined to commend any improvement to thoughtless crudities. No-brainers such as 'fucking wanker' and 'twat' only serve to reduce the originator and not the intended target.

Be assured that civilised folk will always appreciate wit in retort or insult.

JuliaM said...

"They're really recruiting the best aren't they?"

In the Essex farce, 'best' is variable...

"...yet say nothing about Police officers murdered, stabbed, run-over, or assaulted while doing their jobs?"

People say plenty. On Twitter, and here in the very pages of this blog.

"There was a policeman from Ongar.."


"I will not defend this idiot and he got what he deserved."

more /applause

"My money, however, is on the former."

Oh yes. Mine too.