Friday, 9 August 2019

Off With Its Head!

Lynsey Beck was taking her son Cody to nursery when the Bullmastiff ran out of its owner’s garden and savaged their six-month-old puppy Harley before turning on her.
The terrifying incident left the mum needing stitches for bite wounds and their Labrador required treatment from a vet.
Dad Colin, who was also present, considered throwing Cody, now six, into a garden in a desperate bid to protect him from the crazed animal, named Eva.
Now, almost three years after the incident, the dog’s owner Moira Hunter and her supporters have written to the Royal Family in a desperate plea to overrule a sheriff who ordered the dog to be put down.
Maybe we'll get lucky, and Her Maj will order a spell in the Tower for the useless arrogant owner too...
The attack happened in December 2016 in Hurlford, Ayrshire. Hunter was in her garden with Eva.
As she saw the family walk down the street with their dog, which was on a lead, she shouted: “Don’t worry, she’s friendly.”
Words that almost always mean 'Attacking incoming!'...
Seconds later, the bullmastiff ran across the road and went berserk.
Lynsey suffered bites to her right hip and hand and ended up with fractured fingers in the attack. Harley also needed stitches to his leg and stomach.
Hunter appeared in Kilmarnock Sheriff Court in January last year where she admitted being in charge of the dog when it was dangerously out of control. She was banned from owning dogs for five years. Sheriff Elizabeth MacFarlane also ordered Eva to be put to sleep.
Why on earth has it taken so long?  Because the owner clearly has more money than sense.
But the animal was given a lifeline after the sheriff’s ruling was referred to the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission.
The public body referred the case back to the High Court to consider an alternative sanction. But the original sentence was upheld. Now a rarely used legal bid – the royal prerogative of mercy – has been launched as a last-ditch effort to save the dog.

The owner is, as expected, the typical dangerous dog owner, convinced she's in the right here, despite the damage her mutt has caused. And the fact she's got form:
Hunter, who has a previous conviction for failing to control a Japanese Akita, claimed the attack had been “blown out of proportion”.
She said: “I’d say that if the dog suffered after that day and had to get behavioural training, then that’s all exaggerated.
“I apologised at the time, The lassie had a wee bite on her hand. I went in to the house to get a cold cloth but she didn’t want it.”
Even our NHS wouldn't recommend a cold cloth for having chunks bitten out of you, would it?

Naturally, there's an animal rights nutcase behind this legal bid.
Animal rights group Fighting Against Breed Specific Legislation have been backing her campaign and said a family has already been lined up for Eva.
The Manson Family...?
A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace said they did not want to comment.
Can't really blame them...


Bloke in Germany said...

I thought the Queen was a dog lover. Could re-house it somewhere it won't get at the public too.

Feral said...

If it's true that the dog needed stitches and the owner had bites to her and fractured fingers then the attacking dog should be put down. No excuses.

Ted Treen said...

Let's compromise: exercise the Royal Prerogative and have the Akita's owner put down. You know it makes sense...

Anonymous said...

Now, I ask myself, would I like to have this woman and her dog sit next to me in a restaurant? After all, it was clearly under control at the time of the so-called attack and didn't inflict serious injuries. Just like those police dogs that attack. I'm not sure that a bloody big labrador pulling a blind person couldn't give you a nasty nip - enough, say, to spill hot soup on your trouser leg! That could be serious!

Ed P said...

Never trust a dog owner who says the dog is friendly and safe to touch.
There is no such dog: in some situations any dog will become aggressive in seconds.

A cousin was bitten right through his cheek after patting a "friendly, docile" dog.
I have been attacked too, but thankfully I fought the bloody animal off.

The wolf genes may be dormant, but they are still there.

JuliaM said...

"Could re-house it somewhere it won't get at the public too."

Apart from the servants!

"...then the attacking dog should be put down. No excuses."

Armed police should be called to these incidents and dispose of it then and there.

"...exercise the Royal Prerogative and have the Akita's owner put down. You know it makes sense..."


" Just like those police dogs that attack. "