Friday, 23 August 2019

The Price Of Safety Is Eternal Vigilance

...or as Tim put it the other day, "As the Stasi knew well, there are always narks...":
Two men were arrested over the weekend after passengers overheard them talking about knives.
BTP officers boarded a train at Wimbledon station at 5pm on August 10 following a report of two men discussing carrying knifes and theft.
One of the men, aged 24, was detained at the scene and arrested on suspicion of possessing a knife and theft.
The second man, also 24, fled onto the train tracks. He was found in nearby Cromwell Road and was arrested on suspicion of trespass.
More of this, please!


Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the arrest on suspicion of trespass. Normally, trespass is a civil offence, although trespassing on railway property can lead to an arrest. However, unless the law has changed, the offence is being found trespassing on railway property. If the (alleged) miscreant had left the railway property, then he would no longer be trespassing there and there would no longer be a power of arrest.
Perhaps Jaded or a BTP officer can enlighten me?
I know it's not important, but these little things do intrigue me.

Anonymous said...

The problem with narks is that they are usually selective about who they grass up, and then there is the business of ho the authorities want to follow up on. after all, they believed Carl Beech and acted on his fraud, but (enter your own case here).

Bucko said...

I'm surprised the police even bothered, rather than just saying there's no evidence for them to do anything

JuliaM said...

"Perhaps Jaded or a BTP officer can enlighten me?"

More sloppy 'journalism', most likely.

"The problem with narks is that they are usually selective about who they grass up..."

Oh, indeed. But these were clearly wrong 'uns.

"I'm surprised the police even bothered..."

No reports of nasty hurt words on Facebook that day?