Friday, 30 August 2019

Councils: "We're So Strapped For Cash!"

Kids in seaside towns are being given lessons how to...
Avoid county lines drug gangs?
...avoid being 'mugged' by gulls as attacks soar.
They are shown cardboard cut outs of the birds and told about the dangers of eating in front of the gulls - and warned never to feed them.
By whom? The RSPCA?
Council staff in Scarborough and Whitby, North Yorkshire, are being sent into schools in a bid to 'improve the relationship between humans and gulls'.
Jonathan Bramley, the council's environment and regulation manager, has been visiting schools in Whitby and Scarborough with videos and cardboard cut-outs of seagulls. 'We're reinforcing the message not to feed the gulls,' he said.
Because they are becoming dependant on handouts and aggressive begging is scaring the public?

Great! Time you shut down foodbanks too....
Local resident and best selling author GP Taylor warned that the local gull plague was getting worse.
He said: 'The birds are protected and there are strict rules governing the removal of nests if they have eggs in them.
'It is about time those in authority started putting people before seagulls. There are growing problem with these birds in Whitby.'
'I have witnessed two people attacked on the street in the town and workman at my house had his sandwiches stolen by a mob of gulls.'
Oh noes! Isaiah Ntimane feels your pain, GP...


Feral said...

Sounds sensible enough to me. Gulls are a bloody nuisance. Teaching children about them is a good thing.

JuliaM said...

They are a 'nuisance' because of people's filthy habits. Clear up the dumped garbage, the gulls will leave.