Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday Funnies...

They left one out! What about Cherie Blair..?


Captain Haddock said...

"They left one out! What about Cherie Blair..?" ..

I thought they'd pretty well covered her with the Hagfish & its habit of "swimming around in putrid waters" .. aka The Human Rights Act .. ;)

Incidentally, the Green Woodpecker (shown in the first pic) has a sticky-coated tongue, with which it catches its staple diet .. Ants ..

They can often be seen on areas of short grass, probing & "dancing" .. this is believed to be in order to enrage the Ants, which will climb into the bird's feathers and release their formic acid .. which in turn is believed to give the bird a "chemical" bath, killing off any parasites ..

The bird feels no discomfort (as we would) due to there being no nerve endings in feathers ..

Anonymous said...

A Reader in the Daily Mail asked if there had been any dogs in No 10 Downing Street - this followed a series of articles about the cat who lives there. Apparently 'Only Cherie Blair' isn't the correct answer!

JuliaM said...

We have a resident green woodpecker around the garden - have never seen him do this though!