Monday, 23 January 2012

And They Say ‘CSI’ Is Too Far Fetched…

An apparent murder case which remained unsolved for nearly 25 years has been closed after investigators concluded that a six-year-old boy was killed by a pack of dogs in a tragic accident.
Which, given cause of death was apparently strangulation, is quite a feat!
The case was twice investigated and then closed, but a new investigation from the FBI and North Carolina police used cutting-edge technology to determine that Nicholas could have been strangled by animals, not by a human.
I’m all ears:
They have concluded that the boy was attacked by dogs while he was walking his own pet, a collie which was in heat - which police believe attracted the other dogs.
The dogs pulled on the hoodie he was wearing, tightening it around his neck and choking off his air supply.
Forensic experts used new photographic technology to examine the marks on Nicholas' neck, and compare them to the fabric of his clothing.
Thus, surely, only proving that he was strangled with the cord, not whodunit?
They also decided that scratches found on Nicholas' body were probably inflicted by dogs.
Which, since he had two dogs with him, who might well have pawed his unresponsive body, doesn’t really prove anything either.

Is it me? Or would this one not even make it out of the scriptwriter’s initial coffee and doughnuts meeting?


Lynne said...

So presumably there was a subsequent litter of pups following the tragedy?

Paul said...

It was the dingo wot dun it!

Well, perhaps the coyote in this case.

Captain Haddock said...

And Rin-Tin-Tin understood every word .. ;)

No one collared said...

Did this take place in Barking?

John Pickworth said...

So... a brutal dog attack, strangulation of a child and presumingly a canine rape?

I love happy endings

JuliaM said...

"So presumably there was a subsequent litter of pups following the tragedy?"

Irrefutable evidence! ;)

"I love happy endings"