Monday, 30 January 2012

Post Of The Month: Special Stephen Lawrence Edition

So January brought us the conclusion to that travesty of justice, the on-going Stephen Lawrence murder retrial.

Many, many people in the blogosphere were concerned at what it cost us as a nation to put these two men on trial again, and so weighed in with good, thought-provoking posts, among them Angry Exile, Tim Worstall, David Duff.

But the definitive post this month was, without a doubt, Anna Raccoon's. Superlative!


Captain Haddock said...

Is it just me .. or is anyone else heartily sick & tired of hearing the name Stephen Lawrence ?

One could be forgiven for thinking that he'd been the only person ever to be murdered in the history of the world ..

Anonymous said...

Well, thank-you Ma'am for that vote. Appreciated.

JuliaM said...

"Is it just me .. or is anyone else heartily sick & tired of hearing the name Stephen Lawrence ?"

It's not just you! ;)

"Well, thank-you Ma'am for that vote. Appreciated."

Well deserved. You're on fire lately! ;)

Anonymous said...

Lofty bye, sentimental friend :)

Anonymous said...

Sick about tired of the name Stephen Laurence. An to hear he's mum say u never hear about black men being killed on the news as much as whole men I almost choked on my tea. Many tens of millions of pounds spent. Two or three inquires a whole college built in he's name a thousand year old law "double jepady" has been changed so the suspects could be charged AGAIN after being found not guilty.

Unknown said...

I would rather attempt a stab at putting sweetcorn back on the cob, than hear another news piece on Mr Lawrence. Loads of people's lives are cut short each week without as much column space, airtime or millions of pounds spent on them as Stephen Lawrence's has. I am not being nasty; I am being truthful and voicing my opinion. Happened.Over.#Forgive and forget

Anonymous said...

I am also sick to death of hearing that Stephen was killed by a racist. Have you noticed that the stock photo of him shows him giving the black power salute.
Good riddance to him and his family. Old mother Lawrence is getting her face everywhere. Lots of people have lost sons but they don't keep on about it. Just go away.