Thursday, 19 January 2012

Just Build A Big Wall Around Croydon And Have Done With It!

Because I’m totally sick of the whinging self-pity and victimhood claims from the usual suspects:
A mini riot between school children armed with baseball bats and planks of wood ended with allegations of heavy handed treatment
Well, yes, you’d think the baseball bats and planks of wood would guarantee th…
from police officers.
Oh, FFS!

*throws computer across room*
Police were called to the Colonnades Leisure Park on Purley Way, on Monday, to reports of a fight involving up to 30 youths, some of whom were armed.

One schoolgirl was left with a black eye and swollen hands after allegedly being assaulted by police called to deal with the mass brawl.
Let me guess, she was ‘nothing to do with it’, she was ‘just walking along minding her own business’..?
She and other pupils who attend Harris Academy in Kendra Hall Road, Purley, have been suspended from the school pending the police enquiry.
And no doubt the racemongers and grievance-hustlers will turn their attention to this horrible injustice, just as soon as they’ve finished screaming at the police:
Her mother said: "The school have suspended all of the pupils that were arrested until the end of the police investigation. They were aware a gang from outside the area had come to the school as they contacted the police earlier in the day.

"Instead of finding out what happened they have just tarred everyone with the same brush and excluded them from school, they have exams but they have not mentioned homework. The police exercised their position of authority negatively, they showed no regard for the children. They just showed up and passed judgement."
No, they showed up to stop a gang fight and arrested people at the scene who gave them cause to do so.
A police spokeswoman said: "Initial reports suggested between 20 to 30 people were involved in the fight. While officers dealt with those arrested, a large group of around 50 youths attended the scene and became hostile towards the officers.

"Extra resources were deployed and the youths were encouraged to leave the scene. During the incident four police officers received minor injuries. "
A previous news article (actually, more its comments) tells the whole sorry story:
Lonelidimple says...

the police beat up anybody who was there, even innocent people were injured. A 15 year old girl falsely accused was punched in the face by a policeman multiple times. This is outrageous , police are corrupted. Should feel ashamed and need to publicly apologize for hurting those who were not even involved. Disgusting, and then they want respect.

No, they don’t want respect, they are entitled to respect, as the people called upon to sort out the chaotic lives of feral scum and protect the decent, law-abiding people in Croydon (assuming there are any left) from mobs of ‘schoolchildren’ who settle gang disputes with weapons in the street...
kwalker2009 says...

The thing is how can we come forward to tell the truth? the police and their brutality here are serious. The story started as what my son told me that there was a boy who was beaten up by another boy enough for the boy who got beaten up to go to the hospital. The boy's group of friends heard about it and gathered friends to get revenge. Waited for the responsible boy until end of the school day. they are equipped with rods, chain and different weapons their intention is to harm the responsible boy for their friend's being harmed. The boy who they are looking for heard about it and got scared and rushed to one of the food shop and the people in the shop helped him and locked the shop. Someone called the police enough for the group of kids to leave and the boy inside the shop left as well. The police came those kids who are responsible for disturbing the peace are gone! the police start frisking and accusing all the kids on the street and grabbed a girl who is trying to say something and punched her on the face 3 times and pushed down on the ground. then another kids was grabbed by the police and swing him next to the car strong enough to break the glass window. Now my son will not come forward as he is **** scared of how the police treated this people! the police were wrong here those kids they grabbed are not even the one who is responsible for the fights! why? because those poor kids are all BLACK??? where is the EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY here??? WHY BLACK PEOPLE ARE TREATED LIKE CRAP??? I AM NOT BLACK!!! THOSE POLICE ARE DEFINITELY attacking with RACISM!!!
So the gang-fight never materialised, yet there were all these totally innocent kids out on the street when the police arrived..?

Eh? Don't most innocent people, on witnessing a gang-fight, get the hell out of the area?

Wow! And here I thought ‘Oh, well, see, the ship listed, and I sort of fell into the lifeboat’ was the stupidest, lamest excuse I was going to hear this week!

Luckily, there are a few clear-headed adults in this comment thread:
Purleycalm says...

You need to protect your children by educating them and not teaching them to blame authority figures. The real criminals because that's what the problem kids are rely on people like yourself to mask the real issue which is poor parenting not poor policing. If you are worried where your child is then teach them to avoid trouble and not to spectate.
Spot on! That doesn't please them, as you'd expect:
kwalker2009 says...

Lonelidimple this is how simple it is...those people who commented badly with those kids are either police themselves trying to save their arses or they are RACIST!!! they don't see the sympathy for the poor children who are treated badly by the authority... very sad really! my son is in a trauma of not trusting the police he is so scared when he came home!!! witnessing such a scene with police brutality!!! It's just a pity really as not all police are the same! I remember the one who helped us with the burglar incident we had in our house, immediately they were here to help us, very kind and supportive!!! It just by chance the respondent to this incident in Purley Way are aggressive officers! My sympathy to those kids and to their parents who has to experienced this kind of treatment they don't deserved... :(
Gosh, how surprising that the demeanour of an officer in a suburban house, taking details of a burglary that the householder wants to give and so is welcoming to him, is different to the demeanour of a cop out on the streets as a result of an emergency call, trying to sort out which of the screaming, shouting, belligerent ‘children’ is an onlooker and which is a gang-member attempting to disguise his or her reason for being there…

Enough of this!

This is how riots start, when the police are too afraid of the mouthy minority with chips on their shoulders and victim complexes to do their job and protect people. This is why businesses are fleeing Croydon in droves, why decent, law-abiding people are leaving the area as soon as they can. And who can blame them?

You want your children to be able to behave as if you were in a Third World hellhole? Well, Heathrow’s that way – don’t let the door to the country hit you in the arse on the way out. You might find the police there a bit less than welcoming of your unruly offspring though. 'Rough treatment' is unlikely to be the most you'll have to complain about (not that the complaints system is quite so well developed, or state-funded, either).

Otherwise sit the f**k down, shut the f**k up and start to behave like a responsible human being and parent.

And take a good, long, hard look at your children, and ask yourselves just why they turned out the way they did...


Macheath said...

I have heard a head teacher tell his staff that, faced with a violent confrontation between pupils, they should 'stand back and allow the blow to land' rather than intervening to stop the attack.

This policy, intended to prevent teachers being injured (and conceived in the wake of the murder of headmaster Philip Lawrence), and the perversion of child protection into a culture of 'touch me and I'll sue you' have produced a climate in which schoolchildren believe they can proceed with whatever violent scheme they have planned with minimal interference from adults.

The police, however, are singing from a completely different hymn sheet.

Edwin Greenwood said...

"You want your children to be able to behave as if you were in a Third World hellhole?"

Croydon is a Third World hellhole.

Captain Haddock said...

Why confine the wall just to Croydon ?

The trouble for which these specimens are responsible is big enough to provide sufficient construction work for Wimpey, McAlpine & John Laing well into the foreseeable future ..

jaded said...

I really do despair at people some times Julia. As you can see I have commented on the papers website.
This is quite close to home for me.

A few of the mothers commenting on their innocent childrens behaviour will be standing around a grave in the future crying "why didn't the police do anything?".

Anonymous said...

Honestly what whining parasitical scum..


Anonymous said...

Their child is a violent thug.
Your child is badly behaved.
My child is assertive and challenging of authority.
Reap what you sow and all that. Funny how all the calls to disturbances used to come in at about 3pm on weekday afternoons in school time.

I, Radiator. said...

"...And so Croydon will eventually become the place that, should the UK ever require an enema, will accommodate the nozzle...."

A touch of genius.

Tattyfalarr said...

Nuke it from space. It's the only way to be sure.

Anonymous said...

Croydon? Shithole! A toilet of a place with trams to Bromley passing through New Addington....nice.

Full of the Brixton diaspora with all that entails. I'd call in an airstrike the next time a small tribal war breaks out and wipe the little DNA wasters out and then I'd sterilise the parents - if they can find them!

Too strong?

A salt and battered said...

'...Brixton diaspora...'

It's a quality day for comments, Ranter. Tempted to offer Brixpora as a flaming portmanteau but for the crime of mugging an old man :)

ScienceGuy said...

This reminds me why I no longer want to teach in Croydon - 9 years was more than enough

Captain Haddock said...

"Full of the Brixton diaspora with all that entails. I'd call in an airstrike the next time a small tribal war breaks out and wipe the little DNA wasters out ... "

Better yet .. herd 'em all into the local football stadium, lock it down tight, issue spears & shields and leave 'em to sort out their "tribal" war, just like their ancestors did in Shaka's day ..

All nice and "cultural" then, see ? .. Job's a good 'un ..

Stadtler said...

"..they have just tarred everyone with the same brush.."

Hmmm. Not a great deal of tar would be needed in modern day Croydon to achieve that effect, I can assure you.

Greencoat said...

C'mon - kwalker2009 is really Vicky Pollard, right?

JuliaM said...

"...a climate in which schoolchildren believe they can proceed with whatever violent scheme they have planned with minimal interference from adults."

Spot on!

"Why confine the wall just to Croydon ?"

Well, it's better than walling off an attractive part of London. We can always air-drop more scum in. Maybe even with a parachute, if I'm feeling generous!

"...with trams to Bromley passing through New Addington....nice."

I'd never even heard of New Addington until I started blogging!

"This reminds me why I no longer want to teach in Croydon - 9 years was more than enough"

Seven years?!?! *respect*

Gallovidian said...

Deport them.


Dr Cromarty said...

"tarred with the same brush..."


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