Monday, 23 January 2012

Now We Know The Price For Sticking Two Fingers Up At A Court...

He was also fined £100 after driving himself to court for an earlier court hearing into the matter, despite still having no insurance, and was banned from driving for six years.
Yes, he got the top end of the sort of sentence allowed for this, but I'm not sure that's very much comfort for the families.


Anonymous said...

C'mon Julia, he did get 9 years, well 3 years really AND a really stern ticking off from the Judge. I just hope he gets buggered in gaol and then later 'jugged-up' .

Captain Haddock said...

Arrogant looking little toe-rag, isn't he ?

"I just hope he gets buggered in gaol" ...

And emerges with an "arris" resembling a wizard's sleeve ..

Anonymous said...

All of us radiator-huggers have got a favourite contempt of court story. Here's mine.
I was in court giving evidence against a motorist who was one of the most obnoxious people I had ever met.He was found guilty and disqualified for 12 months.As he left the court I was walking behind him but he didn't notice me.At the exit to the court the usher gave him his notice of disqualification and reminded him he couldn't drive again until the ban was lifted.
He said "But I drove to court". (He was that confident or arrogant about getting off I assume).
The usher said "well you will have to make other arrangements".
He said "you can f**k off" and stormed off.
I ran to the police station next door and borrowed a civvy jacket and a radio and followed him down the street.
Lo and behold he got into his car and drove off.I radioed ahead and got him stopped and then sauntered down to tell my mates what he had done.
I enjoyed that one.

PC Warmbacon said...

Fortunately, our court is just within the range limit of my radiator umbilicus. Never venture outside without first sniffing the air very carefully, Jaded.

JuliaM said...

"Arrogant looking little toe-rag, isn't he ?"

Yup! I think, if I were the families, I'd be saving up for when he gets out...

"I enjoyed that one."

Nailing someone that stupid/arrogant must be worth 20 lesser arrests... :)