Friday, 20 January 2012

There Goes The Neighbourhood, Eh?

A new police station in Accrington could be built on land next to a proposed £4million mosque.
How….handy… *snigger*
Central ward Coun Allah Dad said: “This land was reserved for a mosque. The committee and the community still want it there and there is a demand and a need for it.

“It was promised in 2009, the funding is there, but there have been delays. I think this is down to a lack of communication and a change in council control.

“We are waiting for an agreement to be put in place and I’m going to try and make sure it happens. ”
And you’ll be just delighted by the presence of a police station right next door, won’t you?
“We have only just found about the possible plans for a police station. People don’t want it there and we will campaign strongly against this. We are not against a police station, just the location. This land is reserved for the mosque.”
Terrible, isn’t it, when ‘undesirables’ move in and think they own the place, start throwing their weight around and making demands?

*schadenfreude levels….RISING*


microdave said...

I take it that freshly prepared bacon sarnies won't be on the menu in the station canteen???

Think of the smell....

David Gillies said...

"Think of the smell..."

I dunno, I'm sure the cops will get used to it.

Anonymous said...

Only in the UK would this be an 'issue' but we must take account of the need for larger 'cathedral' sized mosques as the muslim pop grows and grows and grows, now, is it prayer time yet?

Anonymous said...

Here was I thinking the Muslim proposal to cover this Island with a single towered dome, was on account of the weather 'n all...

Dr Cromarty said...

I hope they locate the dog branch there.

Woof! Woof!

Anonymous said...

'We are not against a police station, just the location.'

Yes, well I'm not against mosques either - as long as their location isn't the UK.

Land 'Reserved' for a mosque ? Not unless you own it, sunni Jim.
Or is that shia Jim? Never can tell.

Either way it's all a load of skyfairy Shi'ite.
Expect the police station not to go ahead though...

Anonymous said...

I like that the community want the mosque there. But which community would that be?

Not mine, I will guarantee.

There is a big mosque in a city near me. hate to say this folks but I feel physically sick when I see it. Must be my cultural bias and no doubt when NuLab get in next I will be forcibly cured of such feelings.

RAB said...

Allah Dad? There's a cartoon series in there somewhere! :-)

Conniesdad said...

The one a few miles from where I live has a tower that looks just like a missile, accident or design?

Ed P said...

Change the planning laws, so all mosques must have a police station next door. Even the poor standard of plods nowadays might notice if militants are there, sirring up anti-British feelings.

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

Oh! So the poor victims of RACIST abuse won't want the police handy to protect them, then?

After all, it was most important that the Metropolitan Police sprang to the defence of Palmer's Green Mosque on 7/7.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Could be worse, they could be planning a pig farm next doo.... ahhh wait a minute....

JuliaM said...

"I dunno, I'm sure the cops will get used to it."

SNORK! I like Dr Cromarty's suggestion of the dog section too!

"Not unless you own it, sunni Jim.

Or is that shia Jim? Never can tell."


"Allah Dad? There's a cartoon series in there somewhere! "

I did wonder if it was a misprint! 'Daud' is quite a common name.

Twenty_Rothmans said...

Allah Dad

Is that God father somehow?

@David Gillies
You rule.

Actually, Dr Cromarty and Anon deserve mentioning in despatches.

IANAL, but surely there's some obscure law somewhere to prevent the worship of false idols?