Sunday, 15 January 2012

Call Miss Marple!

We have a mystery!

Gosh! is understood bailiffs entered the property and stripped the restaurant last week, four days before Christmas.

Yesterday, it had a sign on the door saying: "Mango Tang is not open to the public this evening. Sorry for any inconvenience."

Inside, there was no sign of tables or chairs. And calls to the restaurant's telephone number were not answered.

The mobile number of the owner, Chris Mills, went to answer phone and messages left by the Derby Telegraph failed to get a response.
Wow! They've actually done some work. It's almost like real reportering! And in cyberspace too:
On December 6, the restaurant's Facebook page was updated, listing its New Year's Eve menu – a five-course meal including a glass of champagne, priced at £60 per person.

Two days earlier, a link had been placed on the same page to an offer through internet voucher site Wowcher, for customers to buy a meal-for-two at the restaurant worth £56.50 at a discounted price of £22. The voucher was for use after January 2, 2012.

Wowcher's policy states that if a business closes down and the offer has not expired, customers will get a refund.
I just can't imagine what could have happened...


Anonymous said...

Maybe there's a sinister plot coming to fruition across the UK. A well respected and utterly fantastic Chinese Restaurant & take away near me closed down a couple of months ago. This was soon after a relaunch too. Most people put this down to the economic times we live in with people having smaller disposable income available. Obviously not.

JuliaM said...

I think the staff at 'This Is Derbyshire' don't know there's a bit of a recession on..

Anonymous said...

A recession? Nonsense! Why, Michael Gove has proposed the subjects of this soon to be fractured realm stump up for a new Royal Yacht to celebrate the jubilee (I thought the old one went because it was too costly to run); we're fighting wars all over the place, the krazy koalition want to waste 33billion (rising to 100 billion no doubt if ever finished) on a rail line that will get you to Birmingham2 hours earlier than now in the age of 3G/Internet; and we're still spunking billions out in international aid (a) to some countries with a nuclear and space programme (b) to keep their dictators in fleets of gold plated rollers and the CEO's of charidees in huge salaries and expenses. Madness!

Captain Haddock said...

But .. "We're all in it together" Ranter ..

The madness that is ..