Thursday, 26 January 2012

SBONA* On The Rampage!

A mob of up to 60 masked schoolboys, some of them armed, descended on a rival north London school to attack a pupil but were thwarted by police, it emerged today.
It took eight police cars. Eight! And were they grateful?
The mob, many wearing red bandanas, was headed off by police who arrested one of the youths, a 14-year-old boy, for allegedly possessing a knife. But as pupils streamed out of the school trouble flared between them and the officers who had come to ensure their safety, with two IAMS students being arrested for alleged harassment and threatening behaviour.
Just lovely
Ms Osagie (IAMS headteacher) added that a decision on whether the two arrested IAMS students would also face school disciplinary action would be made next week.
It’s something you need to think about?!? What sort of school is this?
A recent Ofsted inspection praised it as "good" with "many outstanding features". It said that it was a confident school embracing a wide range of cultures and languages.
Ah. Say no more.

* SchoolBoys Of No Appearance


Anonymous said...

An 'Arts & Media' School? Whassat den innit, beatbox classes, Dee-Jaying an all dat kinda t'ing - oh yeah - arkytekchure too.

Anonymous said...

"A mob of up to 60 masked schoolboys, some of them armed",

The Lone Ranger Appreciation Society strikes again !

"Hi Ho and don' you disrespec' me and away !"

Gallovidian said...

The red bandana thing makes me wonder if there are London branches of the Cripps and the Bloods; LA Afro-American street gangs.

Bucko said...

Isn't IAMS a dog food?

Stonyground said...

"Isn't IAMS a dog food?"

Institute of Advanced Motorists, I thought but that is IAM. I actually joined the Motorcycle branch and stayed for a couple of years, highly recommended. On one occasion, following their advice on safe overtaking saved me from getting knocked off my bike.

Captain Haddock said...

"The Lone Ranger Appreciation Society strikes again ! " ..

Yep .. and they refer to Tonto as "pale face" .. ;)

JuliaM said...

"The Lone Ranger Appreciation Society strikes again !"


"Isn't IAMS a dog food?"

Dog food is at least useful! They should sue...

Anonymous said...

I hope the officer never found that knife as a result of a stop search on an ethnic minority.....bloody racist police..!!!!