Friday 13 January 2012

Why Does Doreen Lawrence Get An MBE...?

And yet Mr Balkwell doesn’t even get justice?
A police chief refused to co-operate with a misconduct probe into officers who investigated an unexplained death of a man who was found dead between the drum and chassis of a cement mixer.
And how can he do that, you cry?

Former Det Chief Insp Terrence Haines retired a day after the Independent Police Complaints Commission contacted him about Lee Balkwell‘s untimely death.
How very coincidental…
Mr Haines, who headed Essex Police’s Serious and Organised Crime Directorate in 2008, refused to answer questions about his involvement in inquiries into the death.

If an officer retires, there is no law forcing them to co-operate with a commission investigation, so it is powerless to force them to answer questions.
Cozy, very cozy.
However Lee’s dad Les Balkwell, 64, believes Mr Haines should have got involved. He said: “I want to know why a senior detective would not co-operate in an inquiry concerning an unexplained death?”

For three years, the commission has investigated 92 complaints from Mr Balkwell concerning alleged failings in the initial investigation and subsequent reviews of his son’s case.

A report on the findings is expected early this year. Mr Balkwell has been allowed to see it, and said a number of his complaints were upheld, but for legal reasons he cannot go into detail.
Interesting! I look forward to reading that.
Mr Haines, who received the Liam Brigginshaw Award in recognition of outstanding commitment to policing in October 2009, was one of 18 officers served “regulation nine” official notices by the commission, meaning they were under investigation.
So, he resigned pretty quickly after that, then?

Well, no. Not exactly:
Mr Haines, who was an investigator during a review from 2003 to 2006, received his notice in December 2008, but the commission did not formally approach him to respond until March 31, last year. He retired on April 1.
I’ve seen glacial drift move faster…
An Essex Police spokesman said Mr Haines’ retirement had been planned and disputed it was anything to do with the commission’s investigation.
Well, of course he did!
The Kent and Essex Police serious crime directorate is still reviewing the death of Lee Balkwell. It began its probe following a 2009 interim report by the commission into the complaints. Mr Balkwell said: “I believe the truth about Lee’s death will eventually come out.”
I hope you’re right.

One commenter, though, clearly thinks you should just drop it:
Brunning999 says...

This is a case of obsession 92 complaints and no evidence, of crime.

What must be remembered is regardless of poor Policing if any policing was poor the Police Officers did not commit any crime.

The guy that admits making a mistake MUST be truly gutted if what he says is true.

After all those enquiries surely enough is enough if there is NO EVIDENCE other than circumstantial evidence.
Tell that to the Lawrences…


Tattyfalarr said...

Makes you wonder how we ever got the nazis to Nuremberg. We'd have to fight the law to even to contact them by text these days.

A salt and battered said...

Many senior police brethren share the misguided belief that 'you can neither taste nor smell FreeMasonry'.

This case demonstrates that fallacy unless one is disposed to smearing the upper lip with camphor cream.

Anonymous said...


Don't be influenced by the coiffure but check out Inspector Frank Donnelly. This ground breaking Inspector 'operates an exclusion zone at the police stations he runs in Bedfordshire', meaning officers are forced to go out on the beat during the dark winter evenings.

Captain Haddock said...

"Why Does Doreen Lawrence Get An MBE ? "

Whilst the mothers of the hundreds of British Troops (male & female) who have been unlawfully killed whilst on active service, in the name of this country, remain ignored ?

Where are their 24/7/365 CCTV monitored memorials ?

Politicains make trite remarks about ONE murder .. but can't be arsed to show the respect due when murdered service personnel are repatriated ..

Someone pass me a sick bag, please ..

JuliaM said...

"We'd have to fight the law to even to contact them by text these days."

As I'm just hearing about the Royal Navy capturing Somali pirates (and thinking 'Hmmm, when will they show up here for asylum?') I can't help but agree!

"...that 'you can neither taste nor smell FreeMasonry'."

I'm not sure that Freemasonry is as prevalent as you seem to think.

"...check out Inspector Frank Donnelly."

Impressive results! "The tough approach has led to a 67 per cent per cent reduction in crime between June and December 2011..."

A salt and battered said...

Aaah, the Donnelly radiator key for liberating clamped police.

jaded said...

Aah Melvin, you managed to get your favourite word-radiator-into another post.Congrats on your determination.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he cannot here you, Jaded?

jaded said...

Nice one,I hope I won't be judged on just one spelling mistake.
These radiators are so hot they have addled my brain.