Monday 16 January 2012

What’s The Point? Part 2597863

Three pitbull type dogs were seized and two people arrested after raids on two homes in Wallington this morning.
Excellent news!
Beddington South and Beddington North safer neighbourhoods teams carried out the dangerous dog warrants with two officers from the Met’s specialist status dogs unit.

Sergeant Paul Cole said the operation was to remove dangerous dogs from the streets on the Roundshaw estate and Sutton.

He said: “We encourage anyone concerned about dangerous dogs to come forward give us information - and we will act on this information like we have done today.

“It’s important to reduce the number of dangerous dogs in local communities to make them safer.”
Yeah, well, don’t hold your breath, Sgt Cole, because seizing them is often only half the battle.
A man has been convicted of having two illegal fighting dogs – but Craig Doyle, aged 22, has been allowed to keep the pit bull terriers after a judge ruled they were not a threat to public safety.
Perhaps because the judge knows full well they aren’t likely to be wandering his local streets?
District judge Rufus Taylor, sitting at Plymouth Magistrates' Court, gave Doyle two 12-month conditional discharges.

He ordered the return of bitch Lola and her puppy Kruger but passed contingent destruction orders for the life on both pets.

Doyle must have both dogs microchipped, tattooed with identification, neutered, insured and muzzled.

Lola must be on two leads and Kruger kept on one while outside in public.

Doyle must make sure Lola is never left alone with anyone aged under 18.
Still, maybe they were tested and found of good temperament?

Oh. Silly me:
Sgt Knight added he found that Kruger was good-natured but Lola was "nervous aggressive".

He said he believed the adult dog had been trained to be aggressive.
One has to ask exactly who the idiot Judge thinks trained her?

But what of the other dogs seized in the raid?
Police said after the case that Smokey and one of the pups had died since being taken to the kennels.

Smokey was put down after the dog attacked and injured a female kennel worker. The puppy was put down because of illness.


Budvar said...

Thing with this kind of "preventative policing" (Not placing the blame here on the boys in blue) is it's akin to taking away your car as 1000s of people worldwide are injured and killed on the roads every year, and if just saves the life of just one child....

You see I don't drive or own a car, so don't and can't see the need for anyone else to have one either. The sole purpose of a car is to propel tons of metal and glass at speed in the vicinity of the general public. They're lethal, and a fatal accident waiting to happen.

You see a pattern forming here Joolz?
Guns, Dogs, Adults in parks, Smokers, Drinkers, fat people.... The list goes on and on.

Thing with the righteous is their belief that "Doing right ain't got no end".

JuliaM said...

Cars are inanimate objects; these creatures have minds of their own. So, really, it's more akin to locking up all deranged schizophrenics that at 6ft 7 inches and built like tanks.