Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A First Step Might Be To Change Your Name, Perhaps?

EYST director Rocio Cifuentes said:…"Through the Think Project we hope to work with young people who might not have had the chance to learn much positive stuff about immigrants, black people and so on, and to change this by giving them a chance to learn, experience and think for themselves, while at the same time recognising their grievances and helping them improve their own communities.

"Some young white people feel let down, as they feel the support is there for ethnic groups.

"We recognise that lots of them feel let down they don't have similar support."
Do they? Hmmm…

And just what does ‘EYST’ stand for?
The Ethnic Youth Support Team ….

It’s no wonder they feel they ‘don’t have the same support’, is it? Just look at the name on your paycheques for a good insight, love!
…has now been awarded a lottery grant of almost £170,000 to carry out a three-year project to help tackle the problem.
Well, that’s money well spent, right?
ESYT, based on St Helen's Road, has been awarded the funding for its Think Project, following the success of a three-month pilot.

It will allow staff to work with around 80 youths a year, referred to them by the Youth Offending Service and alternative education providers.
In other words, offenders and those excluded from schools. Nothing like fishing in a well-stocked pool, eh?
Ms Cifuentes added: "Unfortunately, despite developments such as Stephen Lawrence's killers facing justice at last, racism and support for the far-right are not history, but are very much alive and kicking in some parts of our community.

"We know these attitudes are growing across Europe, you only have to look at the shootings in Norway."
Translation: ‘Give us the money or there’ll be a massacre! It’s for the sake of the chiiiilllldreeeennnn!’


Anonymous said...

Easy living for some, Julia. I mean, lucky enough to be born with the handouts and privileges that come with a dark skin only to be topped off with a name like that.

Captain Haddock said...

" .. has now been awarded a lottery grant of almost £170,000 .. "

Yet another compelling reason why I refuse to support the National Lottery ..

With my system, I "win" every week .. by keeping MY money in MY pocket & not seeing it get crammed into someone else's ..

Anonymouslemming said...

I am starting to understand racism more and more. My father in-law passed away last tuesday. The earliest we could get a date to register his death is this coming friday, so nearly two work weeks after he passed. We can't hold his funeral until we've registered this.

I've begged for an earlier appointment, I've pleaded, I've cried. No go.

But a number of people with religious or cultural requirements to bury their dead within a certain timeframe have been allowed to jump the queue in front of me - there's even a defined process for it!

Many people feel that they're being ignored in favour of primarily immigrant groups have a justified reason for feeling this way - they ARE being placed second, behind these groups.

microdave said...

Given time, white people WILL be the "minority" ethnic group in this country.

In many large cities that is already the case...

Anonymous said...

Racism is alive and well because among other things there are groups like da Ethnic Youth Support Team who strive to make sure race and racial identity is an issue in society. All the time.

All the EYST needs now is a visit from Ms D Abbott to show how fat and well-fed you can get without having any appreciable ability to do anything!

Tattyfalarr said...

£170,000 / 240 = £708.33.

£708.33 (per child) to enforce a Double-Think Project run by non-whites that is openly and specifically targeting white children.

"Justified" by the actions of other white people.

THIS is Racism.

Captain Haddock said...

Welcome to Blair's (and by extension) Cameron's Britain ..

Enoch Powell (the best PM this country never had) spoke only the truth ..

JuliaM said...

"I mean, lucky enough to be born with the handouts and privileges that come with a dark skin.."

And here I always thought it was to be an Englishman that had you winning 'the lottery of life'!

"I am starting to understand racism more and more. "

That's because the concept of 'fairness' is a much-understood English tradition. Or was.

"Welcome to Blair's (and by extension) Cameron's Britain .."

Yes, it's not that I expected him to reverse any of the inroads into the institutions overnight, but I expected him to at least try...