Saturday, 10 August 2019

Only In Liverpool Pt18974532

Peter Higham was jailed for 10 months, and given a 17 month road ban, on Friday after being found guilty of dangerous driving and obstructing an officer in their duty.
 But wait, it gets better!
Judge Gary Woodhall jailed Higham saying that he clearly hadn't learnt his lesson, after previously impersonating members of the emergency services and earning himself the nickname "Fireman Sham".
Now, Higham could see himself losing his beloved job as a bus driver for Stagecoach who he started working for in 2015, less than 10 years after he was convicted of stealing an Arriva bus and accepting fares from passengers.
He was suspended from his jobs when Stagecoach were made aware of Higham's latest offences and have said they will now be carrying out an internal disciplinary process.
 Yes, the obvious question was asked...
When asked how Higham was able to get a job as a bus driver considering his past, Stagecoach told the ECHO that each driver is subject to background checks and in line with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, some previous convictions can be considered spent.
Is it that difficult to find someone to employ without a criminal conviction in Liverpool then?


Anonymous said...

Paddy (emerging from the bus station at 2am at the wheel of a stolen bus): “Bejeezus, Mick, that was hard.”

Mick: “Was all that noise necessary, Paddy?”

Paddy: “Aye. but I couldna get a 65, so I’ve had to take an 83. We’ll have to walk from the corner.”

Tom said...

Don’t Stagecoach drivers wear uniforms? Or was that too tame for him? Was it the helmets?

Andy said...

Why am I thinking of Reg Varney?

JuliaM said...

"We’ll have to walk from the corner."


"Don’t Stagecoach drivers wear uniforms? "

Obviously not the right ones!

"Why am I thinking of Reg Varney?"