Sunday, 31 January 2010

Next Time They Complain About 'Lack Of Resources', Remember This...

Following last week's shenanigans as reported by 'Harry's Place', yet another case of a frivolous complaint being treated with undue solemnity by the police:
"Imagine my surprise when I found a little yellow note, an 'MP19' Police Message, with a business card attached, pushed through my letterbox. On scrutiny it appeared that a Sergeant would like me to help him with an 'Enquiry'; two wrongly routed telephone calls through the astonishingly incompetent police call centre later I eventually managed to make contact with the elusive Sergeant via email.

The reason for his visit?

A blogger, based locally, had complained repeatedly to the police about me - alleging that I had embarked on some kind of campaign, threatened him and that I was involved in a sophisticated high level viral marketing campaign backed by the, I feel ill just typing it, Scottish Labour party."
Now, wouldn't you have thought that that could be cleared up by, say, looking at the aforesaid blog from the comfort of his own office?

I mean, you'd think the police had enough to do sorting out the baseless claims made by their own officers...

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