Saturday 16 January 2010

That’s Not What We Need ‘Greater Awareness’ Of…

Miss Bunney called for greater awareness of the potential danger of airbags, adding: '[Chloe's] death has just devastated us.'

Airbags are killing us now?

Ah. Maybe not:
The inquest heard that the schoolgirl was leaning forward in her seat when she asked her mother, Jolene Bunney, 30, to help her send a text message to her grandparents.

But as Miss Bunney, a national account manager for a food firm, leaned over she lost control of the car which crashed into two other vehicles.

After the crash, witnesses heard Miss Bunney say: 'It's my fault, it's my fault - I looked at my phone.'
Indeed, it is. A thoroughly preventable accident.

So why, other than a perfectly normal and natural attempt to shift some of the blame away from yourself, are you focussing on the airbag issue?

And why are the MSM allowing you the airspace to do that, knowing that this will encourage some rentamouth to immediately call for ‘more research’ and an ‘awareness campaign’?


Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

And why, pray, is Miss Bunney not being prosecuted? Causing death by dangerous driving? Manslaughter?

Will no-one think of the chiiiiildren?

bnzss said...

Reminds me of that 21 year old's death which got legal highs made illegal. The mother went crying to the home office instead of accepting where the responsibility really was. Tragic, but even more so with all the lies bolted on.