Monday, 3 August 2015

Mass 'Medication' Is The Answer!

People across the UK should increase their daily intake of vitamin D because gloomy British winters do not provide enough sunshine to maintain healthy levels throughout the year, government health advisers have recommended.
Hmmmm, really? Are we sure there aren't some other reasons?
The SACN report said the new recommended intake should apply throughout the year “as a precautionary measure” to cover those who do not get much sun, such as those who are housebound or cover their skin for cultural or religious reasons. It would ensure that 97.5 per cent of the population reached healthy levels of vitamin D.
Ah. Thought so.

There's also the skin cancer hysteria which has led most Brits in the younger generation to fear the sun's rays more than Dracula, of course.
The average British diet is not conducive to a high intake of vitamin D, which can be obtained from relatively few food sources including oily fish, red meat, certain mushrooms and, to a lesser extent, from eggs.
No problem! I love all those, I'm not housebound and I have no religion. I'm gold!
“Given current intake levels of vitamin D from foods, at less than 5mg per day, the draft recommendation of 10mg is unlikely to be achievable from these foods alone, particularly for groups where there is advice to limit oily fish consumption to two servings a week, such as girls and pregnant women,” said Helena Gibson-Moore, a scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation.
“Taking some exercise in the sunshine, while avoiding sunburn, is sound advice for all.”
Dr Martineau said that it was unlikely that the entire population would be willing to take supplements to fill its vitamin D deficit, so the best solution would likely be the routine fortification of food and drink, something which already occurs in other countries.
Oh. Well, looks like I'm going to get an overdose then.

Seriously, why is the answer to 'Some groups are at risk of..' always to force everyone else to consume the 'antidote'?


Anonymous said...

I can see it now - large notices, sponsored by the BMA, outside every mosque advising the women to get their kit off (in their own interests of course).

Anonymous said...

Ban the burqa and niqab on health grounds! The science is sound. Probably healthier still if all four limbs were exposed to the sun.

Longrider said...

Snap. And notice that the BBC makes no mention of the ROP?

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

It took me about a microsecond to work out who benefits from this latest health alarmist BS.

Not me or mine because none of us come under the heading of "some groups".

Dr Evil said...

It's in the same vein as not labelling ritually slaughtered meat as Halal or Kosher. As a pale skinned male and therefore non-wearer of burkas, I get plenty of vitamin D from my own skin via sunshine and my diet. I really don't care about those covering themselves up completely. They are obviously deranged.

FrankC said...

“Given current intake levels of vitamin D from foods, at less than 5mg per day"

5mg per day seems rather high. RDA is 5 micro grams.

Anonymous said...

You will knowe how you are doing when your bones snap for little reason.

Anonymous said...

Also see the new meningitis W vaccination for all kids going to uni. It's already handed out to all those going to Mecca!

JuliaM said...

"Snap. And notice that the BBC makes no mention of the ROP?"

Perish the thought!

"5mg per day seems rather high. RDA is 5 micro grams."

A common error when trying to copy news stories from science papers no-one really understands.