Monday, 24 August 2015

It's The Beginning Of Your Inevitable Compo Claim, You Mean?

Dean’s sister Susan Joseph was in tears as the verdict was read out dabbing her eyes with a tissue and afterwards the family hugged their solicitor.
Outside court his sister said: “This is fantastic. I’m so happy. This is just the beginning of everything now.”

If one of my relatives had to be gunned down like a rabid beast to prevent him from killing his lover, I doubt I'd be happy. Ashamed, perhaps.

But why did the local rag choose to highlight the criminal's relative's comments? Weren't there others who should have been heard from?
He said that her mother’s ex-partner had been violent towards her in the past. He told the Standard: “She was upstairs in bed when he broke in through a window. A neighbour called police. I don’t know how it got to the point where police had to shoot.
“He is not a very nice man but a loss of a life is a loss of a life. I didn’t know him very well. But I’m glad I don’t need to look out for my mum anymore. I’m glad that she’s safe.
“She is quite shaken up and has some scratches to her neck. She is staying with my brother at the moment. She isn’t allowed to go back to her home. Police even took the clothes she was wearing as it is all evidence.”
Or the real victim herself?
A statement from Ms Moyses, who was too ill to attend court, said: “The policeman was saying ‘Let her go’. But Dean just pressed the knife deeper and deeper into my throat.
“Dean just kept on being abusive towards me and was shouting: ‘There’s nothing to live for, one of us is going to die tonight’.”
I can't help but feel it was the one who thoroughly deserved to.


MTG said...

Look for the silver lining. This criminal (permit me to draw your attention to the possibility of an honest Islington resident) MONA, may also have been a benefit-claiming pavement cyclist.
Once again we have another episode of shooting-gallery plod, firing without warning. Colluding in order to 'fix' evidence in advance of any Inquiry and seeking anonymity on fabricated/imagined grounds. As the coroner stated "No evidence has been put before me of an elevated risk for these particular officers...who contend that in 2015 the risk of terrorism is such that all firearms officers, whatever their actions, must be regarded as at sufficiently high risk to warrant witness anonymity. I have thought about this carefully, but I do not agree. I do not find that, simply by virtue of their role as firearms officers, these witnesses should be granted anonymity."
I rather like Mary Hassell. Were she to entertain your company the pleasure would be all yours, Julia.

Ed P said...

If I can shoot vermin without a special licence, why shouldn't the police?

Andrew Scarborough said...

My initial thought was that this is a case of suicide by cop.

Anonymous said...

All hail the policing expert Melvin who pops up on here with boring regularity with his eye-witness view of every incident.

MTG said...

I am seriously flattered by your acknowledgement, WC Jaded. However the reason why I cannot provide personal testimony of plod crimes and those alleged to have been carried out by other violent gangs, is at this point in time, identical. My assurance that I will never hold one group in greater contempt than the other, is hopefully comforting and consolatory.

JuliaM said...

"...permit me to draw your attention to the possibility of an honest Islington resident..."

Do 'honest citizens' hold their supposed loved ones at knifepoint, Melvin?

As for 'firing without warning', I would assume even the dumbest of Islington's denizens knows that if the cops turn up to a hostage situation, they are bringing a can of whoop-ass with them. That's all the warning you need, surely?

"If I can shoot vermin without a special licence, why shouldn't the police?"


"My initial thought was that this is a case of suicide by cop."

It does rather beggar belief that anyone could believe they'd win in this scenario, doesn't it?