Monday 4 December 2023

It's All Kicking Off Now!

In a statement shared on X earlier this week, they wrote: 'Peterborough United Football Club strongly condemn all forms of social media abuse and are appalled by some of the comments aimed at our players over the weekend on X.
'We would like to reiterate that anyone involved in making or sharing such comments will be reported (Ed: to whom..?) and are not welcomed in interacting with our football club on any level.
'We will continue to support the players who have received any social media abuse and work with governing bodies to find a solution to stamping out any future abuse. The welfare of our players is paramount and will always be our priority.
'We hope social media companies will put the relevant legislation in place to stop any form of abuse from happening moving forward.'

Gosh! What sort of awful abuse have they been coming in for? Death threats? Is it something the media can even print?

After Peterborough posted images of the two women to celebrate their goals on X, supporters piled in with comments, with many appearing to focus mainly on the players' appearances rather than their goalscoring ability.

Oh. Well, it's noticable that their official photos are rather like glamour shots... but it's hardly 'abuse' to notice that, is it?

There were also a number of remarks that appeared to be patronising the players, with one writer posting: 'Kirk > Messi and Ronaldo', while another stated the forward is 'the goatttttt' (Greatest of all time) and a fellow 'fan' claimed 'she must win the ballon d'Or'. Another 'supporter' added: 'Another weekend, another Perkins and Kirk masterclass'.

Oh, FFS! Calling this 'abuse' when it's at best mild ribbing is ridiculous! 


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Phwaorrr! Too.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to go back home to Peterborough, the genetic pool seems to have improved somewhat.

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"Phwaorrr! Too."


"I'll have to go back home to Peterborough, the genetic pool seems to have improved somewhat."

It's noticable, too, that women's football is not as 'enriched' as the men's...