Saturday 20 April 2024

I Don't Want To Hear The Met Police Whining About Lack Of Funding Anymore...

...not when they are wasting it like this:
The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) recommended that the former Love Island presenter receive a caution after an incident with her boyfriend in December 2019, but this was overturned after an appeal from the Met Police and she was instead charged with assault by beating.
Flack was found dead in February 2020 aged 40 and a coroner later ruled she killed herself after learning prosecutors were going to proceed with an assault charge.

And why shouldn't they? Why should her status as a (minor) celebrity spare her the same charge that would be applied to some drunken Romford slapper reeling out of a nightclub having assaulted someone in the ladies?  

The Met has now said it is making “further enquiries” into potential new witness evidence relating to the actions of officers in appealing against the initial CPS decision not to charge Flack.

Incredibly, it appears the higher ups in the Met Police have got wind that some officers in their farce might just have carried out their job 'without fear or favour' and they are determined to nip that sort of thing in the bud in case it catches on!  

The TV star’s mother, Christine Flack, told the Mirror: “We won’t stop until we get the truth. Something very unusual happened to Carrie at the police station that night, but no one kept a proper record explaining why.”
“As a family, we have been left with important unanswered questions.”

Your daughter decided the police would never dare arrest her and charge her for assault on her boyfriend. Thankfully, she was wrong. QED. 


Anonymous said...

"drunken Romford slapper" - did she hail from Romford?

KJP said...

This sort of incident, the original assault, is something I ignore in the newspapers but I have had a look. There seems to be a lot of contradictions.

The injuries have been described as “serious” but in the photos the victim showed they look pretty minor to me. At the time of the assault he telephoned 999 and said she was trying to kill him but later wanted the charges dropped.

There is a difference between an attack on a stranger, Romford slapper example and what is often referred to as a “domestic”; in the latter case the victim often reflects and does not want charges pursued.

JuliaM said...

"... did she hail from Romford?"

I've no idea - I knew nothing about her until this all blew up.

"There seems to be a lot of contradictions... in the latter case the victim often reflects and does not want charges pursued."

And there's pressure on the police to charge regardless of this when the victim is female. So why should that not also apply when the victim is male?