Friday 12 April 2024

They Can't Get The Three 'R's Right.... it's expecting a bit much for them to solve the Middle East conflict.
Schools in England are closing down legitimate debate about the Israel-Gaza conflict because teachers feel ill-equipped and are concerned about political impartiality, the government’s independent adviser on social cohesion has said.

I suppose teachers concerning themselves about political impartiality for once is a good thing, they've certainly never been too concerned before.  

Dame Sara Khan said that if schools continued to shut down debate they risked “fuelling further anger, hate and polarisation”. She said the conflict, which has prompted huge demonstrations by hundreds of thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters across London and elsewhere, has had a marked impact on schools, where pupils want to talk about events in Gaza.

 I'm not sure there can be further 'anger hate and polarisation' from the usual suspects who stink up London's streets every weekend. .

She also said teachers felt there was too little guidance on teaching controversial issues in personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) lessons and were worried about a lack of support from the Department for Education (DfE) when difficulties arose.

When 'difficulties arise' meaning this sort of thing that sparked this whole review? Then they don't get support from ANY part of the government, so why single out the DfE? 

The war in Gaza has caused a number of incidents in schools. In one case, Barclay primary school in Leyton, east London, sought help from the Metropolitan police to investigate threats to the school and abuse of staff after its decision to ban political symbols, including the Palestinian flag.

Seeking help from the Met Police is a bit like calling an arsonist to find out why your premises burned down. It's their lack of ability to stamp down hard on this fifth column we've stupidly let into our country that has lead to this state of affairs. Other police forces don't put up with it.  

Another teacher in an inner-city school, who also wished to remain anonymous, said it was a “massive failing” on the part of schools. “From the word go, we were told this was a political issue and we can’t discuss it. If we’re not talking about it, it does not mean that the kids are not interested. They know what’s going on. They are going online where there’s no control over what they are seeing.

The kids aren't interested. It's their parents who are pushing this, kids being kids the world over and they'd probably prefer to be worrying about what fashions are in or out and the fortunes of their preferred football team. 

The NEU has been criticised over a motion to be discussed at its annual conference which expresses support for the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and brands Israel’s government “racist” and “guilty of apartheid policies”.

So, despite the teachers complaining that they get no support, they - or rather, their union - is actively fanning the flames? 

The motion, to be debated by delegates at the gathering in Bournemouth next week, calls on the executive to “publish and circulate educational resources that members can use to increase understanding of Palestine and Israel”.It also says Israel’s government is the main driver of the conflict and calls on the UK government to stop “being an enabler of Israel’s apartheid policies”, while an amendment says all attempts to clamp down on the right to protest and discuss the issue must be opposed.

Fuck off. And when you get there, fuck off again. You're not worried about 'impartiality' at all, you just want the opportinity to cheerlead for the wrong side.  


Bucko said...

The fact that there are hundreds of thousands of Palestine supporters in London (or even the UK) is another issue altogether

And I was disappointed whith the link to a police force doing it's job. I thought you'd actually found a worthy UK force, but it turned out to be Germany

JuliaM said...

"I thought you'd actually found a worthy UK force, but it turned out to be Germany"

I'm getting less hopeful I'll be able to find one every day. Aussie cops - at least, the female ones - seem to be still capable though.