Wednesday 24 April 2024

Why Are We Importing Trouble?

A Muslim teaching assistant who claimed that being given the Christmas Grinch prize at a staff award ceremony amounted to religious discrimination has lost his employment tribunal case. Salah Toughfar said he was 'upset and distressed' to have been compared to the Dr Seuss character - despite not know (sic) anything about the mean-tempered creature until a colleague showed him a Wikipedia description.

You have to wonder how someone in a school environment could possibly claim that... 

Mr Toughfar, a practising Muslim from Morocco, began working at The Grove School in north London in April 2020, an employment tribunal was told.

Ah. Why on earth did they need to import stroppy muslims from another country? It's not like we are short of them here, is it?  

The Search Education Trust-run school is a specialist free school for students aged five to 19 with a primary diagnosis of autism, and is 'diverse', with pupils and staff from all backgrounds, the Watford tribunal heard.


The learning support assistant, who still works at the school, told the tribunal he got involved in school Christmas activities such as putting up decorations in class as part of his role, but would not have a Christmas dinner.

He can't have been that upset if he still works there!  

Mr Toughfar, who was represented by his wife at the hearing, had previously received the Prankster Award, which he did not raise an issue about at the time, the tribunal was told.

Is his wife a lawyer, then?  

Judge Dilbaag Bansal said Mr Toughfar had 'not put forward any evidence whatsoever that his being awarded the Christmas Grinch award was either because of or related to his religion. 'The tribunal was satisfied that the reason why he received the Christmas Grinch award was because he had received the highest number of votes at the point the voting had closed.'

When even the other diversity hires won't support you, it's a lost cause.  


KJP said...

Misspelling - Trougher

Bucko said...

Some apt names in that story:

The Dilbaag on the bench said the plaintiff had gone Toughfar

Doonhamer said...

Shades of Beachcomber.
Bring on the Twelve Red Bearded Dwarfs.

JuliaM said...

"Misspelling - Trougher"

Ooh, good one!

"he Dilbaag on the bench said the plaintiff had gone Toughfar"


"Bring on the Twelve Red Bearded Dwarfs."