Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Another For The ‘One To Watch’ File….

A West Midlands Police officer has been charged with helping her son, who is accused of murdering a teenage model.
West Midlands again…?

What do they put in the police canteen water up there?
On Tuesday, police said Melda Wilks, 49, of Rubery, Birmingham, had been charged with assisting an offender.

She will appear at Bolton Magistrates' Court later. Ricardo Morrison, 22, has been charged with Miss Barnes' murder.
This’ll be an interesting trial…


Oldrightie said...

All police need watching since Labour cowed them down. Want promotion? Do a brainwashing course first. bastard labour.

Anonymous said...

It is quite possible that Melda Wilks owes her appointment as a pc to her status as (what our transatlantic cousins call) a 'twofer'- ie black and female.
Diversicrats rule ok !

JuliaM said...

"..a 'twofer'.."


Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure race needs to come into this does it? If she's guilty thenlet her do the time, but lets not bring skin colour into it