Thursday, 19 February 2009

”This isn’t just any marketing opportunity…”

Billed by the supermarket as the perfect quick fix, credit crunch lunch, it is the ultimate sign of how busy we have become.

Free from the flourishes of many M&S products, the sandwich is exactly as it says on the pack: two slices of white bread with butter and jam.
And how much are they charging for that most simple of ‘meals’?
The simple snack would take just seconds to prepare in a kitchen, but M&S is offering to remove the effort in return for 75 pence.
Ha ha ha ha! Recession, what recession…?

Mind you, having read this, I think I’ll go buy one after all:
While nutritionists and the health-conscious may baulk at its high sugar content and low GI value, M&S are confident it will sell.
Go to hell, alfalfa-munchers…!


Anonymous said...

Someone is wrong.

A high sugar content would give a high GI (glycemic index) value

Oldrightie said...

Was a great luxury in my childhood. Guess it is again.

JuliaM said...

Ah, the MSM with their expertise, and their fact checkers... ;)