Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Professional Development By Wii

More than 1,000 pupils missed a day of school so their teachers could enjoy Indian head massages and play on Nintendo Wii video games. Nice ‘work’ if you can get it...Seven schools around Cromer, Norfolk, were closed on Friday to enable staff to take part in the "professional development day".
Eh...? Playing on the Wii...? How exactly is that ‘professional development’?
They took part in activities to reduce stress and improve team spirit such as drumming, table tennis, table football, tai-chi, badminton, art classes and swimming.
Or any of that?
One parent said: "My children were over moon to be given the day off - but I had to take a day off as well to look after them.

"I was told privately that the training day consisted of all these relaxation and leisure activities.

"I really can't afford to lose a day's money so that all the teachers can have a day larking about.

"I was met with a wall of silence when I asked about it which made me more suspicious. I was incensed at the pompous attitude."
You and me both, love...
A Norfolk County Council spokesman said the training day featured morning workshops to encourage staff to work together more.
He added that the activities took place in the afternoon and were designed to "improve staff well-being".

The spokesman said: "The local authority has a well-being programme in place to support staff, enable team building and reduce absence.
"There was a range of 45-minute sessions taking place, most of which were practically based, and aimed at reducing stress.

"Staff were given the chance to sample these activities with a view to developing those that are suitable within their own schools."
No problem with an employer providing stress relief. But do it on your own time, guys, eh?

And with your own money, too....


AntiCitizenOne said...

I think the complainer is more outrageous.

She obviously just considers the "school" a crèche!

JuliaM said...

For many parents, I suspect it is, indeed, just that. Look at how many complained that they had to take a day off work to look after their children when the snow hit.

Anonymous said...

I am a trained and very qualified teacher, I get into work over 30 miles away to to a non-teaching job although I would love to return to full time teaching. The last day off I took was when I was sent home with stress following a serious assault when I almost lost my sight. Stories like this really get my goat as this is an example of the Senior Leadership team following the latest seagull consultant snake oil salesman. There are a lot of old fashioned teachers who would rather teach than play buzzword bingo (e.g. how many times "paradigm" or "re-engineering" is used).
In my first school (twinned with Beruit or Gaza, I think) I was told I was providing a temporary Child Minding Service until they received their first Custodial Sentence.

JuliaM said...

"...this is an example of the Senior Leadership team following the latest seagull consultant snake oil salesman."


Dr Evil said...

Professional development by Wii LOL.

Have you ever played on a Wii? It's great fun. Ah, maybe that's what passes for professional development these days. A bit of fun. Much better than trying to teach basic arithmetic to 30 feral junior knuckledraggers.