Thursday, 19 February 2009

A Vignette Of Multiculturalism In The UK

A teenage orphan known as 'Baby' pleaded for his life as he was pursued by four knifemen who plunged their weapons into his back, a jury has heard.

Sunday Essiet, 15, was chased, screaming, across a park in broad daylight in front of shocked passers-by who said the teenager "did not stand a chance".
Broad daylight, eh…?
On trial at the Old Bailey are Sikuru Doherty, aged 20, of Swetenham Walk, Woolwich; Miles Maddy and Adeniyi Oloyede, nicknamed 'Knifer', both aged 19, of Corraline Walk, Thamesmead, and Ifedotun Gbadeo-Araoye, also aged 19, of The Heights, Charlton, who all deny murdering Sunday on February 19 last year.
‘Sikuru Doherty’…?
Jurors heard Sunday had arrived with his mother and sister from Nigeria in 2000, two years after his father's death.

But his mother had become seriously ill and returned to Nigeria, where she also died in 2003.

Sunday and his sister went to live with other family members, but there were problems and eventually his sister moved in with her boyfriend.

The teenager was then left to fend for himself, flitting between hostels.

Mr Brown said: "He had no schooling, no structure to his life and no parents.

"Sunday was not immune to the experience of a criminal lifestyle."
But small fish feed bigger fish, and so the cycle goes…
On the day of his death and still angry about an incident that afternoon which had led to the arrest of his cousin, Sunday had armed himself with an imitation gun and went looking for Maddy and his friends.
Hmmm, what’s that quote from ‘The Untouchables’ again?

Something about ‘Isn't that just like a (deleted)? Brings an imitation gun to a knife fight’?

‘Here endeth the lesson’ indeed….


Oldrightie said...

The prime minister, who was a surprise guest at the festival, told the audience there: "I don't think the British people have ever been broken by anything or anyone
Well it did for this poor bastard.

JuliaM said...

No doubt he'll make a comment on this too, if his handlers think it'll help. He was waffling about Jade Goody the other day!

Anonymous said...

Another example of how our society has been enriched by immigration and diversity.............makes you proud!

Anonymous said...

Enriched is certainly the word,look at their names.

Anonymous said...



Basically I could not give a twopenny SHIT if I can get a kebab, or a Tibetan curry at 03:00 or not, I am more inetersted in not loosing my job, or having the wage pulled down to such a level, after a 60 hour week, I have to decide if I want to pay the rent, have electric, or eat.

And what, except exotic stomach cancer causing crap food do we get in return? The biggest crime wave since the Wikings invaded.

(Aye Germany has EXACTLY the same problems as you. Luckily I am in a Government job, so the pay bit does not apply to me any more, but it does to my family and mates.)

Von Brandenburg-Preußen