Wednesday, 11 February 2009

This Is A ‘Disability’ Now…?

The number of people claiming disability benefits who are addicted to drugs or alcohol has quadrupled in the last decade, figures show.

The Tories claimed the rise in the numbers of addicts and alcoholics claiming Disability Living Allowance "completely undermined" claims by ministers they were dealing with the problem.
That there are any people claiming disability allowance for such a self-inflicted ‘disability’ is a scandal, frankly…
The figures show 4,800 people received the benefit in 1998 and the number increased each year, hitting 19,300 in 2008.
It is paid because of care or mobility needs people have due to their addiction. Those who receive it can get a maximum of £113.75 a week in addition to other benefits and a medical examination is not normally required.
In other words, the government just takes their word for it…

And it seems even NuLab are antsy about this, and has proposed changes to the system:
A spokesman for Mr Purnell said: "If the Tories were serious about tackling the problem of drug users receiving benefits they would back our measures to make crack and heroin addicts take up treatment in return for benefits.

"We know there are people, both in and out of work, claiming benefits whilst having drug problems.

"That's why we are introducing fairer benefit rules that will include an allowance for claimants who are drug addicts, in place of other benefits they would normally receive, that demands they address their problem or face sanctions - reforms the Tories have opposed."
And why would the Tories oppose such a thing?

Or is Call-Me-Dave speculating that crackheads and boozers might be his ideal target audience?

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