Monday, 4 February 2019

Ah, Another 'Isolated Incident'...

In what the school has described as an "isolated incident", the young boy brought the knife to Westborough Primary School, in McDonald Avenue, Southend, and showed the knife to a fellow student.
Yes, you read that right. A primary school. The child was six years old.
...concerned parents have demanded answers after they claim the incident was "swept under the carpet".
One mother, who was made aware by another worried parent on the playground, said she feels everyone should have been made aware.
That would have been the smart thing to do, since there's no way this would be kept quiet, and to say nothing invites the rumour mill to crank up to top speed.

But whoever said teachers needed to be smart these days..?
Headteacher Tonya Brook said: "This was an isolated incident where a six-year-old brought a small paring knife into school in his book bag.
"He showed it to another child. It did not come out of the bag. A member of Senior Management was on the playground to deal with the issue immediately.
"The child was subsequently removed from the school.
"All relevant parties were informed. "
Clearly, 'relevant' means something quite different to Tonya.


Andy5759 said...

I'm not so old to have required a pen knife when at school but always carried one for sharpening pencils to a chisel point. My father was a rather good swordsman, Heaven only knows what sort of blades he took to school with him.

Bucko said...

Something or nothing really, and probably no business of the other parents

JuliaM said...

"I'm not so old to have required a pen knife when at school ..."

Those times, sadly, are long gone. We can thank 'progress'.

"...and probably no business of the other parents"

That a child is bringing knives to school? Au contraire!