Friday, 8 February 2019

Shame, He Sounds Like The Ideal Modern Police Officer...

An investigation is underway after a teenager suffered serious injuries during a lesson at Bradford College.
What sort of lesson?
Imaam Usmin, 18, broke his neck while taking part in...
Ah. Must be rugby.
...a Public Services class.
Wait. What?
During the session, Mr Usmin claims he was asked to wrestle with one of the teachers. He said he was lifted from the ground in a move he claimed ended with the teacher "falling on top of him."
The college has wished the student a "speedy recovery" and immediately reported the incident to the Health and Safety Executive, but the organisation has since said it does not fall into its remit.
Curiouser and curiouser! What's the point of this course of studies, anyway?
Mr Usmin, who was taking the course to further his dream of becoming a police officer, has had to have a metal plate put in his neck.
He claims he refused to wrestle with one of the teachers three times until, he says, they threatened to discipline him for ‘bad behaviour’.
He does know in the police service you are expected to follow orders?
The former Dixons Kings Academy pupil feared he did not stand a chance against his opponent, who he estimated weighed 15 stones.
He does know in the police service this often happens? And there might be more than one person?
Dad Osman Usmin Sharif, 39, said the college should not have allowed the wrestling to go ahead.
“This was a mis-match and they should not have made him wrestle,” he said.
Is he going to call his dad to complain every time someone kicks off in the custody suite?
The college website states that, while studying Public Services, students get the chance to experience police riot training, visit fire stations and attend an annual army camp residential.
The website adds that: "Our courses aim to offer real-world learning and that's why some of our programmes require you to wear a uniform. Public Services careers provide defence, education, emergency response and health & safety services to our country."
Clearly, it's doing this by weeding out the unfit!


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Can he pull the pole out of his neck when he needs to beat up some bad guys?

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