Friday, 15 February 2019

Oh No, Whatever Will We Do?

Dv8 Sussex in Queen Square, Brighton, was given the lowest possible grade by inspectors in November.
College boss Dan Wallman said the report “triggered a process” whereby it has been immediately suspended from taking any more students.
He is now appealing for exstudents (sic) to come forward in support of the college to save it from collapse.
What sort of students?
Mr Wallman said: “We have a long track record of supporting some of the city’s most vulnerable young people to engage and achieve through creative education.
“If Dv8 were not to deliver in Sussex next year, there would be around 200 students having to find an alternative college in September to meet their needs.
“We do not feel that there is any like-for-like provision locally that offers something similar.”
Hmmm. What sort of courses?
Dv8 Sussex provides free training in music, fashion, digital media, event management and games development.
Meh! Future candidates for the 'B Ark'. It can go to the wall.

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