Saturday 21 March 2009

It's Time To Play A Game Of 'I Can See Discrimination Everywhere!' Again...

Joseph Harker has a problem, that reveals to him the depths of institutional racism in the UK:
This week has provided me, a black person born and raised in Britain, with another of those regular gentle reminders seemingly intended to make me feel I don't belong here.
OMG! What could it be?

That infamous sign ('No Dogs. No Blacks. No Irish') on a nearby B&B?
A separate drinking fountain in his office kitchen?
A lynched body slowly twirling on a rope at his local park?

No. It's the heinous crime of being unable to find a card with a black face on it for Mother's Day in WH Smiths.

Hey, stop laughing at the back there! This is serious:
Choosing a card is difficult enough, without having to discard a whole section because it effectively excludes you. But people of colour are so used to this that it's just become one of those little irritations we have to grin and bear.
Oh, Joseph! You're so noble and stoic!

I can feel a tear welling up inside. No, really, I can!
Frankly, I'm sick of missing out on the joke cards, and always having to choose cuddly teddies (as, I'm sure, is my other half who receives them).
Well, if you're sick of teddies, Joseph old chum, there's always these instead.

The comments, needless to say, are hilarious...

Update: Ross at Unenlightened Commentary noted this one too, and had the foresight to copy his favourite comment (from a CiF contributor) before the mods ran amok, zapping everything into oblivion.


Anonymous said...

I mean......what can you say? How pathetic and sad this man is.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't make it up could you. Award of the day goes to 'Colourblind' cards for being so NOT colourblind. The lady that set this up is a true inspiriation to us all. What with being a black, single parent with no qualifications. Look how far she has come. Lucky she was black really, else there would have been no chance of her ever getting herself out of the non-stereotypical hole she found herself in at 18. Damn I wish I had an ism that I could make a lot of money out of. All I need to do is spot something that isn't there/needed/important and then convince a bunch of peeps that they really must see/need/have it to feel included and complete in society. It's a bit tough though, with me being white, because if I came up with an idea that was based around the colour of my skin and was marketed to those of similar colour,that would surely make me racist?

Anonymous said...

) before the mods ran amok, zapping everything into oblivion.

You are lucky. At least you get an acknowledgement that there WAS a post thwere. Mine just dissapear totaly.

SO, Just for the frustrated, at not beieng able to read my words of wisdom, luckily I make a copy of all posts I send. So here it is;


20 Mar 09, 2:39pm (1 minute ago)

So, put your money where your mouth is and commission some.

Or get one of your more enterprising friends to do so.

Bloody HEL, do we have to do EVERYTHING for you?

Von Brandenburg-Preußen.

JuliaM said...

I saw that post you made yesterday. Nothing annoys me more than when they vanish not just the post, but the actual entry.

Anonymous said...

......SO, Just for the frustrated, at not beieng able to read my words of wisdom....

Von Spreuth's modest claim that his own words be wise, masks the reasons behind the Newsdesk bar on the combination of misspelling and obscene expressions.

JuliaM said...

"..misspelling and obscene expressions."

'Bloody hell'...?

What, is 'CiF' the Church Times now?

Dr Evil said...

Ma Harker is white. Bloody brilliant.

and I just knew that link was to a Gollywog.

People see the slights they want to see, or if not just makje it up. I went in a card shop yesterday. There was a plethora of soft toys for Mothering Sunday, incorrectly called mothers' day, and loads of cards too. What amuses me is that the Mother referred to is the Holy Mother Church, not your biological mother. So this chap is not just a professional offended black person, but ignorant too.

Anonymous said...

Who is Joseph Harker and why is he such a tosser?

Ross said...

The more I think about it the more I sympathise with Harker, when I was buying christmas cards a few months ago I couldn't see any black snowmen!

Anonymous said...

This man has issues, serious issues. The idea that this bloke was desperate to buy a 'black' Mother's Day card to send to his white mother...reality trumps satire again.

Still, it is hilarious that the worst he can come up with to fill the latest column of Hustler is...insufficiently diverse Mother's Day cards.

Oh, the injustice, the cruelty!