Wednesday 25 March 2009

Taking The Phrase ‘God Is My Co-pilot’…

…just that little bit too far:
A pilot accused of praying when he should have been taking emergency measures to avoid a crash in which 16 people died has been sentenced to 10 years in jail by an Italian court.
This is not what you want to hear over the intercom as your plane plummets from the sky….
The judges accepted the prosecution case that the pilots, instead of making a crash landing on the sea, should have been able to glide the plane to Palermo airport. Instead, Gharby was said to have panicked. In cockpit recordings entered as evidence he was heard calling for the help of "Allah and Muhammad his prophet".
Yeah, I can see that helping. Not!
His lawyer, Francesca Coppi, said: "Faced with danger, he invoked his god as would any one of us."
If you say so, Francesca!
She described her client as "a broken man" who was "convinced he did everything possible to save as many lives as possible".
Apart, that is, from actually flying the damn plane!


Anonymous said...

Dear J,

You have approved Van Spreuth's earlier obscene comments and will in consequence, permit an honourable response. Let me begin by stating that any self respecting authoress would have wiped his obscenities and calumny in an instant. Prior to your own endorsement of his comments, I gave you the benefit of being unaware of them.

Von Spreuth abuses and bullies Brits here. He projects himself as a police mentor with wild portrayals of heroic service. He abets our young police to acts of extreme violence against the public. In truth, the sum total of his UK police service turns out to be less than two years as a probationary at Merseyside where he was never signed him off as competent. He therefore 'quit' the service. Since that time and in a foreign tongue, he has denounced Britain, calling us 'Inselaffen und dick' (thick apes on a small island). He announces that Deutschland will rise and command in Europe again, wishing Britain into its dust and rallying his new Countrymen to that cause.

He unhesitatingly labels patriots daring to disagree with him from either side, 'imbiciles'. His misspelling can be found in no less than two hundred separate instances of identical rages together with his customary menaces and abuse in both languages. His view is that anyone on state benefits is a scrounger. On the other hand, Van Spreuth enjoys a Federal benefits allowance of 40% incapacity benefit in comfortable hypocrisy. He preserves his income by attending obligatory job interviews on crutches.

These small extracts are safely based upon what Van Spreuth boasts himself in both languages. I deny no man his views; yet to sully us in a foreign tongue and mask the same when writing in English, is a burden for conscience when we do not respond to it as true Englishmen.

Anonymous said...

But of course he is a moose-slim and that is why he will succeed on appeal. In the UK he wouldn't have been prosecuted, he would have received strong advice and been placed on a training course, mind you, now the Ginger Midget Blears has 'rumbled' the Muslim Council of Britain only now things could get really hot for people like this man...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....only joking!

Anonymous said...

I missed the latest Von Sprooth thing so have no idea what the good Herr Docktor Melv is on about.

JuliaM said...

Dr Melvin - all are welcome at my blog, so long as they are not trolling, and are not TOO obscene (the odd swear word is fine, I wouldn't read Obo or Devil's Kitchen if cuss words crossed my eyes!).

If you have issues with him, or he with you, you are both free to set up your own blogs and have at it - freedom of speech is really free, in the blogging world.

Until then, if his comments are on topic here and meet the above requirements, they will be allowed, as will yours.

What happens on other blogs, should stay on other blogs...

Oldrightie said...

I remember a incident years ago when a Middle Eastern pilgrim Mecca flight was set on fire by the mob down the back lighting their cooking stove. On landing the pressurisation was not equalled and they were not able to open the doors. All those praying failed to get out!

Anonymous said...

ranter said...

But of course he is a moose-slim and that is why he will succeed on appeal. In the UK he wouldn't have been prosecuted, he would have received strong advice and been placed on a training course,

In the U.K they would probably have made it compulssory procedure for all pilots so as not to upset the outsider.

Von Brandenburg-Preußen.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I knew a guy who had spent some time training Saudi Arabian military pilots. he said that when they ran into difficulty they tended to start yelling about Allah and so forth, instead of doing what they'd been taught to regain control of the plane.

Maybe this sort of thing accounts for why Muslims are so good at losing wars with Israel, and why they figured their best chance of attacking the US was to base their plan on crashing planes into things.

Bruv said...

Von........ I still love you !