Tuesday 17 March 2009

Signs The Apocalypse May Be Almost Upon Us….

Four Horsemen roaming the streets. Cats & dogs living together. The grievance-mongers getting slapped down as a result of the recession…
The body responsible for safeguarding equality in the UK will tell the government today that the economic climate is too fragile to impose equal pay reviews on business.
Sorry, ‘sisters’, but needs must when the Devil drives, and there are some things we can no longer afford.

And chief among those things is the notion that there is ‘unequal pay’ in the UK when what there really is, as Tim Worstall points out, is a disparity in how these figures are compiled.

But they haven’t quite given up on the idea, merely trimming their sails to meet the unfavourable winds:
Summarising the strategy, the chief executive of the EHRC, Nicola Brewer, said an entirely new equal pay act was needed, and called for "radical reform in the future." This would be a long-term exercise, requiring several years of work. More immediately, the commission's approach is based on "encouraging" companies to improve their record voluntarily.
‘Several years of work’ = ‘several years of continued employment for Nicola Brewster’, that is….

Even this doesn’t please the sistren though, as you might have expected:
The focus on what is realistic in the light of the recession dismayed campaigners for women's rights. "We must not get caught in this trap of saying in difficult times we will trade in women's rights," said Katherine Rake, director of the Fawcett Society.

Sarah Veale, head of the equality department at the TUC, said pay audits were "a crucial part" of eliminating the pay gap. "Until companies are forced to shine a light on where the anomalies are, you can't address the problem," she said.

Bronwyn McKenna, a director of Unison, said she was "very sceptical about any measure that doesn't actually compel any employers to do an audit". "The voluntary approach simply hasn't worked," she said.
Ladies, ladies! There’s a new mood in the country. Can’t you sense it?

We are having to cut out luxuries. Make too much noise, and someone might start to wonder if, given Tim’s observations, we really need, and can justify, your positions.


AntiCitizenOne said...

They aren't "womens rights" they're female only privileges paid for by men.

Stan said...

If they do decide to "impose pay equality" on businesses will that mean I get a pay rise? I earn between 25 and 40% less than my female colleagues for doing the same job. No? Though not.

Anonymous said...

"radical reform in the future."

I.e. just after a rigged election.

Anonymous said...

Here JuliaM, talking of Sistas, did you realise that the lovely Hattie Harmperson had a sister?. Yep, it's true and apparently she is just as level headed and lovely as our own dear Hattie.
Mummy x
hee hee my security word was remenisy. Wonder if the Equlity Sistas will remenisy about how equal they all were when the actually had jobs.

Anonymous said...

BTW the Fawcett Society - quoted thus "We must not get caught in this trap of saying in difficult times we will trade in women's rights," said Katherine Rake, director of the Fawcett Society. in your cited article - looks from its accounts like it's a fake charity. Who would have guessed!

JuliaM said...

"...did you realise that the lovely Hattie Harmperson had a sister?"

Good grief! Because that's how you provide for two children when you are dying young, of a preventable disease, isn't it?

Look For Someone To Blame AND SUE THEM...

Sheesh! But then, what does she care if all our taxes go up to pay for the costs of defending against spurious claims?

"...looks from its accounts like it's a fake charity."

Another one! Someone should set up a RealCharity website. Sounds like you wouln't need a lot of server space...

AntiCitizenOne said...

Just redirect to RNLI.org.uk?