Monday 9 March 2009

Well, Antigua, You Know Who Not To Ask Next Time...

The island's political leaders realised the investigation was too complex for local police and called in Scotland Yard.

That help was only given on condition the killers would not face the death penalty.
Yes, you read that right. The British police refused to help the investigation until the island authorities surrendered their rights to deal with the case according to Antiguan law.

And for what? Did they think the British public would cheer at the news that we refused to help a former colony because we no longer have the death penalty ourselves, and like dogs in the manger, refused to assist others in giving the murderers what they deserved?


Anonymous said...

They should have asked the Muslim Police Association - Saudi Branch.

Mindstarrising said...

The problem is that the Police are bound by the Human Rights Act just as are all public bodies, and cannot act in a manner incompatible with the Act.

The Right to Life (article 2) is an absolute right (unlike other qualified rights) so whilst the act remains in place they have no choice.

The act is frustrating in relation to certain issues but it has been good in other areas.