Saturday 7 March 2009

"There may be trouble, ahead..."

Parents face possible court action for withdrawing their children from lessons on gay and lesbian history.
The objectees in the story are both Muslim. Remind me again of the rules of victimhood poker? Who trumps whom?
The parents, who objected to the lessons on moral and religious grounds, said the content was more appropriate to secondary age pupils.
And it seems they have the law on their side:
Parents have a legal right to withdraw their children from religious education and sex education lessons – apart from science lessons which cover biological reproduction as part of the national curriculum.
Hmm, yes,

Waltham Forest Council are going to have a pretty tough time arguing that material such as ''King and King', a fairytale about a prince who turns down three princesses before falling in love with one of their brothers' and 'And Tango Makes Three', featuring two male penguins, Roy and Silo, who fall in love at a New York zoo' is science.


Anonymous said...

Well very many parents from any 'commoonitee' will have no problems with this particular 'cause'. Its just that, well, it's 'The Muslims' again innit? If it isn't one thing it's another viz.gym classes where boys and girls mix. This is the UK for goodness sake. trouble is if non-believers (i.e. non Muslims) made their objections to lessons about the normality of same sex relationships then the weight of the state would come down upon them and they would be smitten etc. If Muslims do it, then the liberal classes start handwringing for England! Pathetic.

Edwin Greenwood said...

I find this highly entertaining. If just indigenous parents had been involved (can I say "indigenous" BTW?), Johann Hari and his oppos would already have their outraged purple prose up at CiF and at the Indie, the Old Bill would already be knocking on doors and an urgent meeting would be in progress in Social Services to consider taking the poor sprogs into care.

But a South Asian Muslim parent? Ah, much anguished totting up of victimhood points. Let's see.

Muslim = 12 points

In the US version of Victimhood Poker "East Indians" count 3 points only. But they are relatively few in number and are probably mostly successful Hindu Indians. I would suggest that South Asians in the UK correspond more closely to Hispanics in the US environment, so 11 points, making 23 points in total for the parents.

Gay scores 9 points, but since the
special lessons are in the context of LGBT History Month I think we can stretch to an extra 10 points for transgender, making 19 points for the council.

Oh dear.

JuliaM said...

"This is the UK for goodness sake."

And no-one can say we haven't made a rod for our own backs here, too.

By 'we' I mean those who believed in 'multiculturalism' beinging about world peace and tolerance, that it...

"I find this highly entertaining."

Me too. The headaches amongst the chattering classes will be awesome to behold... ;)

Anonymous said...

Someone in Waltham Forest either has balls of steel, or has made the sort of f*ck-up which will shortly see them starring in a short film broadcast on the internet, where they get their head sawn off.