Wednesday 25 March 2009

For Anyone Wondering What Matrix Are Up To These Days…

From time to time, I like to lift a rock and watch the scurrying things underneath, see what they are doing under there:
'A dangerous' paedophile is claiming damages from the police after they told his employer about his conviction for molesting a three-year-old boy.
Now, that’s chutzpah!
His barrister, Julian Knowles, QC, of human rights specialist Matrix - the legal chambers Cherie Blair practises with - told the High Court yesterday that W had 'little or no contact' with children in his job.
The police disagree, and the case gravy train rumbles on.

Wonder if he’s getting legal aid?


Oldrightie said...

Wonder if he’s getting legal aid?

Well he's getting cherryade? You might be too young to remember that!

JuliaM said...

Lol! No, I certainly do remember it ;)

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between having 'little contact with children' and 'no contact with children' if he has any contact with children then he is a risk.

Anonymous said...

Since the prophet Muhammad was a pedophile, any effort to discriminate against pedophiles is clearly a thinly-disguised form of Islamophobia. Quite unacceptable.

Oh, wait, this guy does little boys. Well, maybe the Catholic Church will offer him a job as a priest.

Anonymous said...

Julian Knowles is not a QC. Shows the standard of Mail journalism.

Anonymous said...

Let's put him in charge of the Matrix creche, see if they change their mind then.

Anonymous said...

Fool; do you not realise barristers cannot turn down work - it's called the "cab rank" rule - so no matter what Knowles actually thinks, he had to take the case. It means that no matter how unpopular the client, they can get representation.

It's also part of our legal system that we get the best answer from our juges when both sides have people who argue their cases in the most effective way.

As for Matrix chreche boy, barristers are self-employed, it's nothing to do with their chambers (ie Matrix the organisation) what work Knowles is doing.

DJ said...


Wrong answer I'm afraid! The 'cab rank' has gone the way of batsmen walking and bobbies on the beat.

Still, funny how it only comes out when lawyers are defending scum. You never hear about Cherie Blair being forced by the 'cab rank' rule to represent soldiers or police officers.

Then again, we never hear that policing works best when cops do whatever it takes to get a result, or soldiering works best when the Army is allowed to wage war in the most effective way'. It only m'learned friends who get to use their own idiotic precedents to argue that they should be allowed to ignore all standards of civilised behaviour, or Hitler will have won.

Then again, how come the folks yelping about 'fat cats' never complain about filth like Matrix? Let alone what they'd say if RBS claimed Sir Fred had been working on a self-employed basis so it was nowt to do with them.