Wednesday 15 July 2009

Ferrets In A Sack, Tory Edition

Edward McMillan-Scott, the party's longest-serving MEP and former leader in Strasbourg, rebelled against David Cameron's Conservative and Reformist Group (ECR) and its new Right-wing East European allies.

He ran against the ECR choice of Michal Tomasz Kaminski, a member of Poland's Law and Justice Party (PiS), because he was unhappy with a lack of debate about his candidacy and the controversial new alliance.
And he won.

So he has been expelled by The Dave’s acolytes…
Mr Kaminski is a close aide to Lech Kaczynski, Poland's Right-wing president. The Tory support for his candidacy was vital in securing the membership of PiS's 15 MEPs in the ECR. They constitute its second largest grouping.
So, why is a supposed ‘moderate’ touchy-feely chap like Cameron cuddling up to hard-line right wingers?
Mr McMillan-Scott, 59, a Conservative MEP for 25 years, has not hidden his unease with the PiS, which has banned homosexual marches for being "sexually obscene". Last night he said he had "mixed emotions" about a victory for "real democracy" over party fixers. He said the ECR remained at the margins following Mr Kaminski's defeat. "David Cameron should be pleased that there is still a Tory at the top in Europe," he said.
Well, yes. But he’s not.

Because it’s not his Tory. And he’s now exposed as every bit a control freak as Blair and Brown….
Mr McMillan-Scott has suggested that he has new evidence linking Polish MEPs in the ECR to extremism. "I intend to take up my concerns with the Conservative leadership and follow my research further," he said.

Earlier, Mr McMillan-Scott had refused to back down in the election and the whip was withdrawn as he prepared to hear the results of the parliament-wide vote.
The Dave will brook no dissent…
A Tory spokesman said: "Mr McMillan-Scott had his whip suspended when he indicated he was putting in his nomination for vice-president of the European Parliament which was not in accordance with the decision of the delegation to support another person for that post.

"He was offered the opportunity to withdraw his name to avoid harming the reputation of the Conservative Party. Despite discussions and attempts to achieve this end, he went ahead and confirmed his nomination."
You think this is harming the reputation of the Conservative Party?

The expulsion of Mr McMillan-Scott, the MEP for Yorkshire and Humber, is a major blow for the Tories. "This is bad news for a lot of us and there will be repercussions," said a colleague.

I can’t wait..
Another insider said: "Everyone knows that Edward was deeply unhappy that the Tories were leaving their traditional centre-Right allies and this was his way of showing it."
Something to keep an eye on in the future.

Ross has a take on this too.


North Northwester said...

"Mr McMillan-Scott, 59, a Conservative MEP for 25 years,"

And that probably tells us all we need to know.

Sopping-wet federast, man and boy, and now he doesn't want to play because Yurup and the Yurupean Process come before party, nation, the rule of law, everything.

Good riddance.
One down.

Sue said...

The trouble with the "traditional centre right" in the EU, was, that is was "centre left"... so perhaps therefore it was assumed that Mr McMillan-Scott didn't really have "True Blue Tory" in his genes?

I say Good riddance too..

Mark Wadsworth said...

I'm trying to think of a joke based on the similarity between the words "PiS" and "Piss"...

A curse be upon the lot of them, but as it happens I don't have a problem with gay parades, so if that were his main issue, I'd say one-nil to EMS on this one.

JuliaM said...

"And that probably tells us all we need to know."


"The trouble with the "traditional centre right" in the EU, was, that is was "centre left".."

In the topsy-turvy world of the EU, Cameron would probably be regarded as dangerously right leaning, it's true...

"A curse be upon the lot of them.."

Yup, agreed there.

Anonymous said...

Who, in their right mind, gives a flying fuck about who is aligned with whom in the EU parliament?

It is about as relevant as the local golf club committee...petty infighting, back-biting and bitching. The only people who really care are the members themselves. The sooner we put an end to this charade of European parliamentarianism the better