Thursday 16 July 2009

What Happens In Downview, Stays In Downview…

A drug dealer is appealing against her deportation on the grounds it will violate her human rights as a lesbian.
She didn’t worry too much about violating this country’s laws, did she?
The Jamaican argues she will be persecuted for her homosexuality if she is returned to her home country at the end of her sentence.

She had a boyfriend before her conviction for supplying class-A drugs, but has since had several same-sex lovers in prison.
So? Exactly how are the Jamaicans going to know that she decided to bat for the other team while she was banged up?

Does the Home office stamp her passport with a big red ‘L’ for lezzer on departure? Does it take out a full page ad in the Jamaican gay press?
Yesterday the Court of Appeal heard that the woman, called A for legal reasons, wants to stay in the UK where she says she has found love with a fellow inmate.
Well, I suspect the people would rather she didn’t. She came here as a criminal in order to smuggle drugs, after all.
But the Home Office refuses to accept the relationship is genuine and said it was just a ruse to get her deportation order returned.

They argue her same-sex relations were merely the result of the lack of male alternatives - similar to one of the lesbian flings depicted in prison dramas such as Bad Girls. Her case is set to cost the taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds.
Because, of course, she’s getting legal aid.

Ain’t the UK grand?
She says in Jamaica she faces the threat of criminal gangs who would set out to kill her because of her homosexuality.
Her legal case is that deporting her would violate her rights to life, freedom of expression, a private life and freedom from discrimination.
She has no claim on this country – she came here expressly to break the law.

This, right here, this fannying around (no pun intended) is why ordinary people’s patience is fast running out.
But the Home Office believes her alleged relationship is 'part and parcel of a campaign to be allowed to stay in the UK'.
They claim that as A's alleged girlfriend is also Jamaican, there is nothing stopping the couple returning to the Caribbean and setting up home there together.
Nothing, that is, except the lawyers on the gravy train…
A, who is fighting her case using legal aid, said she was 'lost and frightened' when she left Jamaica as a teenager, but is now more confident-about who she is.

She says she had homosexual and heterosexual relationships before being imprisoned, but had become 'more socially confident' behind bars, and as a result, had confirmed in her mind her lesbianism.
Who says prison doesn’t change people?
Mr Chelvan (her barrister) said officials had agreed that if it was found she was a lesbian then she would be 'at risk' in Jamaica, and had also accepted she was in a lesbian relationship.

He said the Home Office's behaviour was a 'public disgrace' and had 'undermined public confidence' in the immigration system.
No, sorry Mr Chelvan, but I think you’ll find this case has actually boosted confidence a bit, despite the cost.

Well, assuming the HO wins. Which is by no means certain…


Oldrightie said...

They'll be allowed to stay, be housed, get benefit and a whopping payout for the trouble caused to them by exposure! Plus, their drug work will continue unchecked.

Eckersalld said...

We really need an Act of Parliament that simply says anyone in breach of a UK law that can attract imprisonment (whether they're sentenced to prison or not) and not a UK citizen gets deported.

If, on return to their home nation they are hung, drawn and quartered, it will simply stand as an excellent lesson in behaving whilst in the UK...

Rob said...

I thought it was only evil white men who were homophobes? Surely in the multicultural paradise that is Jamaica she won't have any trouble at all?

I'm very confused.

JuliaM said...

"They'll be allowed to stay..."

I fear you're right, but let's keep our fingers crossed.

"If, on return to their home nation they are hung, drawn and quartered, it will simply stand as an excellent lesson in behaving whilst in the UK..."

Ahh, if only we could make our own laws again. And not be tied to the EU ones...

"I'm very confused."

Yes, it's incredible how the 'innocent third world paradise' suddenly becomes the 'barbaric third world hellhole' when convenient.

I wonder if the Guardianistas have all stopped holidaying there in solidarity?