Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Well, Here’s A Few More Votes…

…for the BNP:
NHS treatment will be available for tens of thousands of failed asylum seekers to ensure their human rights are honoured, it was announced yesterday.

At present, they are denied free treatment if an asylum bid has been turned down but they have not left the country.

But a Government U-turn means failed applicants who are destitute or cannot return home 'through no fault of their own', will be entitled to free care.
Which is nice to hear, isn’t it?

Especially coming just a day after the idea of charging you £20 to see your GP was mooted…
The decision increases the numbers potentially able to use the NHS by tens of thousands. But the campaign group MigrationWatch believes it could open the floodgates to 'up to a million' illegal immigrants.
I think Migration Watch is simply taking any figure estimated by the government and magnifying it by a factor of 10. God knows, it’s worked in the past…

The government’s plans may come unstuck, however:
Last night doctors undermined the strategy by saying it was not their job to act as immigration officers - raising the possibility that GPs would refuse to ask failed asylum seekers tough questions about their status.
Really? They seem to have no problem asking tough question if you drink, smoke or like your fry-ups a bit too much. What’s the difference here?

Oh, and the British Meddling Association have decided that this is one government policy they don’t want to enthusiastically foist onto the population at any costs, thank you very much:
The British Medical Association said all failed asylum seekers should be treated free - and that it was not their job to decide who is eligible for free care and who is not.

Head of ethics Dr Vivienne Nathanson said: 'There are many who have had an asylum claim refused, cannot return home and need urgent treatment. This announcement, while positive, applies to only one group and does not go far enough. '
Tell me, Dr Vivienne, are you aware of the irony of the fact that your organisation has the word ‘British’ in its name?

No, probably not…


Anonymous said...

"Morning Mr B, long time no see. How's the family? Now, what seems to be the trouble?"

"My Sciatica's playing up again."

"Keep doing the exercises I showed you last time, go for long walks and keeep taking the Ibuprofen and if you can't sleep, here's a scrip for co-codamol. That'll be £2O please. Pay at the desk on your way out."

"I'm an asylum seeker, Doc."

"Oh, fine. I'll schedule you for a scan and you can skip the payment part."

Kevin B

Eckersalld said...

I have no issues with basic free treatment, but perhaps someone should remind the BMA that healthcare is free at the point of need and not free as in breathing.

It still gets paid for. By the taxpayer.

So maybe every PCT should have the cost of every medical treatment they've given a failed asylum seeker deducted from their budget?

Ought to result in some interesting catfights...

Sue said...

More reasons for the immigrant degenerates who are attacking British holiday makers in Calais.
Calais migrants ambush Britons at knifepoint in terrifying 'highway robberies'

I believe we are giving 15m quid to the French government to sort this out. Why haven´t they? WTF is going on with this useless government?

They are certainly going to continue to drive white Britons into the arms of parties like the BNP.

Why haven´t the Conservatives attacked the immigration issue?

What is everyone afraid of? It´s the ONE issue that the BNP will win votes on all the time.

60% of British voters now consider that immigration is the top issue.

Julia :)

See this?
IMMIGRANTS who can barely speak English will be used to man the phones at emergency swine flu call centres, it was revealed yesterday.

I don´t know whether to laugh or to cry!!!

Umbongo said...


"I don´t know whether to laugh or to cry!!!"

I'd cry. As you've noted from their inaction on this one, the possible next administration is going to be useless also. The Conservatives have, after all, undertaken to ringfence overseas aid (Why? No-one in favour of taxpayer-funded largesse to crooks abroad would vote Conservative under any circumstances.) and the NHS from any cuts: in other words the administrative gravy train will rumble on regardless, whichever party comes to power.

JuliaM said...

"Oh, fine. I'll schedule you for a scan and you can skip the payment part."

I think they really cannot see (or more likely, don't care about) the bitter resentment thise and policies like it are causing in the public. For every blogger venting on the net, there are at least 10 if not 20 others talking.

They are indeed, as Sue points out, driving people into the arms of extremist parties.

"So maybe every PCT should have the cost of every medical treatment they've given a failed asylum seeker deducted from their budget?"

Now, there's an idea!

"I don´t know whether to laugh or to cry!!!"

Hopefully, with Parliament in recess, we'll be spared more bad news over the next few weeks...

"The Conservatives have, after all, undertaken to ringfence overseas aid..."

Yup. What's that all about!?