Saturday 25 July 2009

Just What Do You Have To Do To Get A Licence Revoked?

Now, if I committed a heinous road rage offence (against a pregnant woman), was convicted, and at my hearing to detarmine whether my professional body would allow me back to work, made a racist tit of myself by arguing with the chairman and vowing not to work for foreigners, would I get my licence to work back?

No. I don't suppose I would. And I don't do anything quite as vital as a GP!

So, why is the GMC letting this woman loose on the public:
An Iraqi doctor who crushed a pregnant woman with her 4x4 car in a road rage incident has been told she can resume her medical practice.

Dr May Arnaot (corr) formerly of Chandlers Drive, Erith, has twice been convicted of assaulting people and accused of racial abuse.

At a General Medical Council fitness to practice hearing last week, Dr Arnaot angrily interrupted the panel chairman, Professor Kevin Dalton and vowed not to treat British patients.
But hey, we can just brush that off I guess. After all, it's not like she killed anyone.

But the panel decided Dr Arnaot, who has not been allowed to practice since 2005, could go back to work under supervision.

The panel said it thought the decision could be “constructive”.
For whom?

And whoever supervises her has my deepest sympahty...
At her trial, she claimed she was suffering from extreme menopausal symptoms which caused mood swings and irritability.

She told last week’s hearing: “These matters are entirely anger management matters, or it was combined with gynaecology health issues which have now, with time, been surpassed.”
She then proved how wrong that statement was by having a temper tantrum in the middle of her hearing! And yet they still allowed her back.

The panel members should be told they can let her practice so long as they then switch from their existing GPs to her. Fair's fair, right?


David Gillies said...

Sometimes I have to double check the title bar of the window I'm looking at to make sure I'm not reading the Daily Mash when I think I'm reading Julia's blog. Thank God I emigrated. If this bloody maniac ever came within ten feet of me she'd get the goddamn Mozambique treatment (two centre mass and one in the forehead to defeat body armour).

Von Spreuth said...

So. She will not treat British patients.

Pitty the courts did not take the same view as the have here, and over a Polish deli, that refused to serve British, with the Pakistani post master a few months back, who refused to serve none English speakers.

Talk about one rule for them and one for US.

Any aye, I DO count the Post master as "US". "US", in this case meaning the ENTIRE indigenous population of Europe, and those that EARN that honour.

Von Brandenburg-Preußen

Henry North London 2.0 said...

The answer to your question is

Lose your temper with your superiors and tell them that their policies suck...

You can be struck off for that

dickiebo said...

My God! If the racial position were reversed, can you just hear all the 'equality' types scream?
This is a two-tiered society, which has taken over from the old 'class conscious' society of the past.

woman on a raft said...

Here is the GMC account of the hearing.

May Arnaot was suspended for the following reasons:

your fitness to practise was impaired by reason of:

* your THREE convictions (for Racially Aggravated Assault in June 2005 and for Dangerous Driving and Common Assault in November 2006);

* your misconduct between January and May 2006, when you carried out medical examinations on seven people, whilst your name was suspended from the Medical Register by the GMC’s Interim Orders Panel; and

* your misconduct between May and September 2006, when you issued four prescriptions for drugs, whilst your name was suspended from the Medical Register.

((Er, isn't that drug dealing and generally thought of as criminal?))
The Panel is concerned that you have shown limited insight into the seriousness of your convictions and into your professional misconduct, and that issues relating to your anger management are still apparent.

However, the Panel is not aware of any repetition of the behaviour that brought you before the GMC.

The Panel is of the view that there is some evidence that you may respond positively to a period of conditional registration.


In which case, apologising in advance for my bad language, I present to you three fucking idiots about whom my MP and the Health Secretary are going to be getting a letter.

Professor K Dalton, Chairman (Medical)

Professor Kevin Dalton MB BS DFMS LLM PhD FRCOG FCLM FFFLM, Medical
Fellow of St Catharine’s College Cambridge, and Director of Studies in Clinical Medicine. Emeritus Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge. Visiting Professor in Medical Law, Northumbria University. Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians.
Member: MDU, BMA, Society of Doctors in Law, Medico-Legal Society.
Fellow: RCOG, RSM, American College of Legal Medicine.
Formerly Lay member of Disciplinary Panels at the Inns of Court.

Dr A Coulson (Medical)
(I think this is)
Dr Ethnea-Anne Coulson MA BM Bch (Oxon) DCH DRCOG, Medical
Member: Medical Defence Union (MDU); British Medical Association (BMA). Royal Society of Medicine (RSM). Salaried GP employed by Eastern & Coastal Kent PCT. GP appraiser and GP ClinicalAdviser to E & CK PCT.

Mr B Yates(Lay)
Mr Brian Yates MA MSc FRSA Eur. Ing.,
Chairman, Consumers' Association. Member: Immigration Appeal Tribunal. Member: Genetics and Insurance Committee, Department of Health. Chartered Materials Engineer.


The details of the associations of the bunch of hi-rum-tiddly-poes is listed in case anyone fancies scratching around and writing to the fucking idiots' employers, colleges, associations etc. to tell them what a bunch of dangerous shit-for-brains arseholes they are putting their jobs on the line for.

Following the Bea Campbell affront to decency, I'm making the assumption that those who give out the gongs don't do any reasearch either, so these three are having a note sent to No 10 and the Palace about them, warning them to bin any applications for recognition if they don't want to make the Queen look more stupid than has already been done.

I do apologise, once again, for my lapses of language, but thank you so much for noticing this - I noted the original story when she was jailed and simply cannot believe that the GMC is taking the view that if you are a doctor, it's entirely understandable that you generate work by trying to run people over.

woman on a raft said...

Arnaot was sentenced to 10 months in jail, but:

Court October 05, 2007

ARNAOT:DOC WHO RAMMED PREGNANT WOMAN WITH 4X4 ABUSES PROBATION STAFF ERITH, SE LONDON. An Iraqi doctor given a suspended prison sentence for ramming a heavily pregnant woman with her car has been screaming threats at probation officers, a court heard. Dr May Arnaot, 50, was spared jail despite being found guilty of trapping Sarah Chambers against a no-entry sign with her two-tonne 4x4.


Further to the honour acid-ing story yesterday: we won't get any where with this unless our courts start taking crimes of violence seriously. They might as well have hung up a banner saying " bwt,it's ok to run over your girlfriend, too, if you don't like her attitude".

Anonymous said...

Just imagine if this had been a middle aged white native British male GP! His ass would have been nailed to the floor for all eternity. The media, especially the BBC (Today program) would have had a feast lasting for days. The BMA would have had a paroxism, and the greet Broon would have thought there were enough votes in it to make a special TV appearance. The population would have had a Gramscian reinforcement that would change them forever.

JuliaM said...

"Sometimes I have to double check the title bar of the window I'm looking at to make sure I'm not reading the Daily Mash.."

It's getting harder and harder to believe, isn't it?

"Talk about one rule for them and one for US."

That's the thing that sticks in my throat more than anything - as dickibo and anon point out, reverse the nationalities in this case, and we'd be off to the races.

Do not pass go, do not collect £50000 in constructive dismissal charges..

"..your THREE convictions.."

Hmm, the story only mentions two (and leaves out the screaming at probation staff). A bit economical with the truth, were they?

"I do apologise, once again, for my lapses of language.."

Not at all. This type of blatent soft-pedalling would make Ghandi cuss like a sailor...

woman on a raft said...

Have something handy to bite on when you read the GMC account and cross-reference it with the press stories.

AFAICS, Arnaot had already been convicted of a racially aggravated assault earlier against a different person, a transport worker. Sentencing was bundled in with the crushing-a-pregnant-woman case, whom she also racially abused but that doesn't appear to be part of the charge, only the account that the victim gave in court. Nor does she subsequently seem to have been charged with the outright criminal act of writing a prescription when suspended.

Basically, it was so tangled that even the court reporters had trouble sorting out how many things the woman had done wrong, and by the time the GMC ruling was added in, it baffled them completely. Local press reporters may not themselves be in court and will be relying on the to give them summaries, which they then combine with interviews they seek from local people.

Note also that in the GMC account, Arnaot also told her physician, who would be called on to give an opinion as to her state of mind, that her crime had been 'rescinded', which is both legal bollocks and an outright lie.

"Dr M noted that you attended a Conflict Resolution Conference in May 2008. His view was that your anger has dissipated, that you are safe and fit to practise medicine, and that you have the necessary skills to manage your aggressive behaviour, should it arise in the future.

During the course of his evidence, Dr M told the Panel that he was not aware of the nature of convictions found proved against you. Furthermore, he said he had understood from you that your convictions had been “rescinded” by the courts. But Miss Harris explained to Dr M (whilst he was giving evidence), and to the Panel, that this is not correct: the convictions still stand, but the sentence was later varied.

Dr M's name was withheld, but he also ought to go the dangerous eejits list since he couldn't be bothered to ask a grown-up - or google it - as to what she had done or the publicly reported sentencing.

So faced with a giant flashing red sign that a dangerous liar had been assessed by a lazy and ignorant sod, the GMC concluded that it was alright to let her lose on the public again.

They do that a lot, and yes, it's time they were made to be personally phyzed by these despicable quacks. Excellent remedy.

blueknight said...

Anyone can be racist, but here is the proof that unless you are white, it doesn't really count

Rob said...

Mr B Yates, "Member: Immigration Appeal Tribunal"

My Marxdar started flashing then, no idea why really. Perhaps it is faulty.

Anyway, multiple convictions for racially-aggravated assault, leaving the scene of an accident, supplying drugs illegally, making overtly racist statements in front of your own professional body, publicly stating that you will refuse to treat 90% of your patients...apart from all that, why should they have struck her off?

Obviously, because she is Iraqi, she can't help what she does. She is a victim of, well, lots of stuff I suppose. Male white oppression, probably. History, that sort of thing. Maybe even geography as well.