Thursday, 3 July 2014

Calming The Fears Of The Populace…

Community leaders in Boscombe have reassured residents that the area is “still safe” after the spate of crime on Monday night.
Now, in certain areas, such ‘community leaders’ would be religious leaders, local businessmen, etc. Here, they are local politicians. And hey, if you can’t trust them, who can you trust?
Ward councillor Phil Stanley-Watts said it was particularly disappointing to hear of these developments given the recent efforts to regenerate the area. “It is very, very sad these events have happened here,” he added. “There is no place for these people in Boscombe.”
‘These people’? Well, goodness me, how very undiverse of you!
“I can assure people that police are doing all they can. Boscombe is one of the most policed areas in Dorset. ”
Hmmm, I don’t think that’s as reassuring as you might think it is.
Cllr Jane Kelly said: “I think the first thing to say is that they are isolated incidents and not symptomatic of something breaking out. “These things happen all over the place, all of the time. When it happens in Boscombe everyone throws up their arms.”
Yes, well, that’s a good thing, surely? Is it better to just shrug and accept it, then?
Cllr Chris Wakefield praised the quick police response to both incidents but stressed they were isolated incidents.
A phrase he picked up while questioning the police on their response times, perhaps?


wiggia said...

Love the comment..

Huey says...

smhinto wrote:
A stabbing !! In Boscombe !!! Surely not!!! How unusual!!

It is a form of localised greeting

Bloke in Germany said...

IT is surely positive that elected politicians (for all their faults) are the "community leaders referred to.

I personally am rather bored of various self-appointed Imams (for some reason less commonly vicars and priests) being paraded in front of the TV cameras as self-appointed "community leaders".

Anonymous said...

Boscombe is a fucking shithole. I have known the place for over 40 years. God knows why anyone would want to live there.

John M said...

I can tell you as a local that about the nearest Boscombe has come to regeneration is the replacement of some bulbs in the street lights

andy5759 said...

At last! Community leaders who are community leaders. Anyone remember the Brixton riots of 1986 (?) ? Community leaders then were yoot club leaders, Rastafarians (more tea Raz?), or assorted oddball bohemians (lowercase b). Very refreshing. As for Boscombe, it's a tourist destination so their community leaders are duty bound to paint a pretty picture, aren't they? Whatever the facts.

JuliaM said...

"It is a form of localised greeting"

All I know of Boscombe is that notorious flood.

Clearly, they need another.

"At last! Community leaders who are community leaders."

Sadly, don't seem to be doing a much better job...