Thursday, 22 July 2021

Let Those Who Are Without Sin...

The Church of England is under fire over the suicide of a priest who took his own life after being wrongly accused of child sexual abuse.
Father Alan Griffin, 76, hanged himself at home in November last year, after spending a year under investigation while denied knowledge of the source of the accusations.

Clearly, the CoE has studied the Spanish Inquisition... 

In a damning report following the inquest into his death, Coroner Mary Hassell exonerated Father Griffin and heavily criticised the Church of England for its handling of the investigation.
“Father Griffin did not abuse children. He did not have sex with young people under the age of 18. He did not visit prostitutes. He did not endanger the lives of others by having sex with people whilst an HIV risk. And there was no evidence that he did any of these things.”

Pshaw, Mary! What need for evidence these days? Even the court system doesn't require it... 

Ms Hassell said she had been driven to writing an unusually detailed report as the Church of England had failed to fully engage in the inquest process until June this year, and had not made “meaningful attempts” to learn the lessons from Father Griffin’s death.

Given 'learning lessons' usually means doing absolutely nothing, one wonders why she's so concerned at this bit. 


Anonymous said...

He had HIV, which points in the direction of a certain lifestyle*. He also moved to Roman Catholicism. Isn't topping yourself a sin?

*Probably not being haemophiliac.

Lord T said...

As an aside that statement always reminds me of a joke.

Jesus is walking through Galilee when he comes across a adulteress being stoned. He runs in screaming 'Stop' and everyone stops throwing the stones. He then lectures them about compassion and how we are all sinners. The crowd is silent and ashamed. He then finishes with 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone'. Next second a brick comes flying out the crowd and ten seconds later the woman is dead under the hail of stones from the rest of the crowd.

Jesus turns to the Brick thrower and says 'I'm getting really pissed off with you mother.'

Just thought I'd share seeing how everything is turning to crap.

JuliaM said...

"Isn't topping yourself a sin?"


"Jesus turns to the Brick thrower and says 'I'm getting really pissed off with you mother.'"