Tuesday 2 September 2008

As Expected…

….though it took a little bit longer than I predicted:
How dare she impose her twisted logic upon other women who have endured similar, and want the right to demand justice as a rape victim or survivor?
I didn’t realise that expressing an opinion in a newspaper interview was ‘imposing’ on anyone
Mirren has decided that men who rape women while out on a date should not be taken to court…
Wasn’t aware that she was in a position to ‘decide’ that. Nor that we do that sort of thing now via the medium of a newspaper interview with an actress (though, the way some laws get made I wouldn’t be too surprised…).
Actually, Mirren should stick to acting and shut up about atrocities towards women.
She should ‘shut up’..? I thought feminists encouraged women to speak out? *Confused*

And if actresses aren’t permitted to speak about anything other than acting, on the grounds that it’s not her subject, does that go for actors too? Poor old Leonardo Dicaprio – who’s going to listen to his global warming stuff now?

I can understand why radical feminists hate men. But I can’t figure out why they don’t seem to like women too much either.


DJ said...

"Absolute Moral Authority" must be a trickier concept than it appears.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing stuff. I wonder if they read their columns back to themselve before pressing 'submit', or if they ever think to re-read a few earlier columns in case there's some blatent contradiction that'll be picked up by readers?

But no, it seems they don't. They are either dim, or think the people that read their work are.

Anonymous said...

they only hate "the wrong kind of wimmin" who depart from the script.

Stan said...

It's just another example of how the "tolerant" left are accutely intolerant of opinions which go against their own. Ther reality of the left is that, when you strip away their supposed non-judgemental, politically correct facade that covers their official narrative on various themes they are just a bunch of nasty, vindictive and vehemently intolerant people.