Friday 5 September 2008

Research: Funded By The Government For Your Safety!

Radio presenters have been criticised for promoting heavy drinking so as to be seen as "cool" by their listeners.

Researchers from the Bristol-based University of the West of England looked at 1,200 hours of output across six BBC and commercial stations.

The research, which was funded by the Department of Health and Home Office, is to be presented to the British Sociological Association in Brighton.
What a fantastic job! Sitting on your arse all day, listening to the radio, and the government pays you to do it! Where do I sign up?

And what crucial ‘evidence’ did they come up with?
"Alcohol was frequently positioned as a marker of the weekend, and a hangover as a marker of a good night out," said lead researcher Professor Norma Daykin.

"The notion of not drinking alcohol to enjoy yourself, particularly at times of celebration such as Christmas and New Year, seemed unthinkable."
Oh, noes! People are enjoying themselves at Christmas! Civilisation is doomed, I tell you, doomed!!
In one radio segment noted by the report, Radio 1's breakfast show presenter Chris Moyles tried to encourage TV chef Gordon Ramsay to go for a drink.
“Radio presenter invites TV chef for a drink, on air! Questions asked in the House.”

And this sorry little news item wouldn’t be complete without a minor minister bleating about it to the MSM as if it was some world-shattering scientific discovery:
Public health minister Dawn Primarolo said: "It's disappointing that so many of our radio stations glorify being drunk.

"I'd urge DJs to come up with more creative ways of engaging with their listeners."

Well, I’d urge you to get on with solving the ghastly problems afflicting the dirty, institutionally-incompetent NHS before you start throwing taxpayers money at university folk to sit around in their underpants (probably with a beer to hand!) all day, listening to the radio and ticking a checklist….

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