Monday 8 September 2008

Some Rewording Required…

Scientists who are preparing to 'switch on' the most powerful particle accelerator ever built, have received death threats from critics who fear it could destroy the Earth.


Longrider said...

Anyone who thinks the LHC will destroy the world is a t***,

Now that's an appropriate response. Well said, that man.

patently said...

>> Turning on such a machine is
>> nothing like as simple as
>> flipping a switch.

What a shame. If any project needed a huge red button, this was it!

Old BE said...

I am quite looking forward to this. I didn't win the lottery so I am feeling lucky, punk.

Anonymous said...

"Now that's an appropriate response."

Yes, it was good, wasn't it? I expect you could hear the anguished yelps of the Manchester Uni PR people in the bowels of CERN itself...

"If any project needed a huge red button, this was it!"

I guess you can't leave those kinds of aesthetic decisions just to engineers...;)

Anonymous said...

Presumably they plan to carry out their death threats if and when the scientists destroy the world.

Anonymous said...

And now for some black holey tracks

There's a black hole in my bucket

Black hole in my shoe

Oh black hole-ay-mio

Black hole lotta love

He's got the black hole world in his hands

(Ok, that's enough, I've had a death threat from the provisional wing of the Cum-by-yah club.)

Anonymous said...

I presume the experiment happened. I can't get to a radio or TV. Did the world end?

Anonymous said...

It's tomorrow, isn't it? The experiment, that is...#

Let's hope Gordon Brown doesn't contact them to pass on his good wishes, or we're all royally screwed... ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, via Freeborn John, a site to keep you up to speed on all your LHC news needs... ;)