Tuesday 30 September 2008


More than 100 prisoners freed under an early-release scheme are on the run after being told to come back to jail, Ministry of Justice (MoJ) figures show.
And those are just the ones that refused to come back. Plenty never co-operated with the terms of their early release either:
Under the scheme, introduced last summer to ease overcrowding, 36,661 inmates have been let out early, with 2,486 of these released in August 2008.

But 1,244 were recalled for breaking their licenses, and 111 of these are still on the run, the MoJ told the BBC.
So once again, the taxpayer (who pays for criminals to be put behind bars and kept there) is paying the salary of incompetents:
Ministers predicted 25,500 prisoners would be released in the first year, but the actual number was 31,500.

An MoJ spokesman said: "The numbers released and our projections for the total number of releases over a year are broadly in line with the numbers we originally expected."
‘Broadly in line’? There’s a 6000-prisoner difference!

Do these people moonlight at the Treasury, too…?


patently said...

But what sort of person would ignore a request to come back? I mean, you'd have to be criminal to act like that!

Oh, err..

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